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I HIRED a candidate with 30 years experience. The HR manager was not impressed. She said he is ‘too old’ and won’t "fit into our culture."

He had been laid off by his previous employer due to restructuring at the age of 53 yrs. He kept applying but was rejected for being "overqualified" which led to his 'employment gap" reaching almost 1 yr.

Everyone is looking for that 18 year old with 20 years experience.

This guy brought an abundance of experience and taught me a lot that I never learned from all my years in the industry.

You can’t Google Experience. Employers if you want good talent you need to be considering the "OVERQUALIFIED" candidates.

The truth is 'Overqualified' is really the code word for age discrimination. AGEISM in the workplace is very real and quite acceptable.

It seems the EEOC has no interest in enforcing the law. ATS systems require dates. If they don't ask your age, they require employment dates and the date of college graduation.

Our society needs to change. All that should matter is if the candidate has the right skills and attitude to do the job.

It’s time to stop discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age.


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Not just EEOC but its version of OCREO within the federal government as well. Asian-American federal employees working for the Social Security Administration are being discriminated at an alarming rate.

SSA is a declining federal agency which has always touting social assistance and societal equality but the unwelcoming disrespect and the hostility is worsening. The ethnic rank-and-file who do not belong to one of the BIG THREE group are feeling the heated aggression big time including from their own AFGE union reps against lower-level Asian-American field employees. It is so rampant that it forcibly pitted some Asian-American supervisors to be equally or exceeded the viciousness toward these unrepresented employees.

Based on this discriminatory culture, it is the only way for many SSA supervisors to prove their management prowess and self-worth recognition by harassing other Asian-American employees. The agency would also look the other way when it comes to lack promotion or retention of those Asian-Americans who are promoted. The Boston and Dallas/Fort Worth Area field offices are the worst for those unfortunate Asian employees amid this whole unchecked discriminatory culture within a much declining USA federal government agency in 2019!!!!!!!!