Where are Blockchain and Bitcoin jobs headed?

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LinkedIin said that the blockchain developer jobs followed the bitcoin price in the year 2019. The senior editor sent me an email to ask my views and the question read “As a professional in the space, where do you see blockchain and bitcoin jobs headed from here? Will roles continue to correlate with bitcoin's price? What would influence your decision to stay or leave the space?”

My answer:

I believe 2018/19 was really great for Bitcoin and Blockchain in general. Most of the crap that came into space in 2017 was eroded in the past 2 years although we still have some that will disappear in the next 2-3 years.

In the past 2 years we saw real infrastructure being built in the space. We saw venture firms pouring millions of dollars building great projects around blockchain and Bitcoin. For me one of the biggest news that came up last year was twitter CEO announcement of project BlueSky to develop decentralized/opensource social media standard https://twitter.com/jack/status/1204766078468911106?s=20

I struggle to believe that so many great minds could be completely wrong about Blockchain. Never in my life I have seen such bunch of intelligent people all over the world working together on one thing. This is revolutionary.

Back to the job market, I wouldn’t only look at the developers. I believe there is a lot of new opportunities and some that we are not aware as of yet. I do not think we have Bitcoin/Blockchain “experts” yet, we are all learning as we go. One of my favourite area that I think will have great demand is in blockchain analysis. Once DLT/blockchain is fully adopted almost every government department and private corporations will need chain analysts. Tax authorities will need chain analyst to curb tax evasion, Journalists will need chain analyst to give accurate reporting, criminal justice will need chain analyst, divorce lawyers will need chain analyst, the list can go on and on…..

Bitcoin and blockchain brings something that has never been there before in legacy finance, transparency. Today you can study chain activities to make very good trading decisions. All major financial corporations will need chain analysts to understand the state of the system. That is going to be a game changer.

Thats my 2 sats thoughts on this topic
More information https://www.publish0x.com/cryptoviews/where-are-blockchain-and-bitcoin-jobs-headed-xxgdyy


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