Job interviews - Have you ever talked so much crap in your life?

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Okay so, I had an interview for a job today.
This job has required me to go through three rounds of interviewing, I think that is a little excessive. They also pretty much ask you the same thing every time too.
I have been asked 3 times over

What are my interests?

Why do you want to work here?

What kind of person are you?

If you were out with your friends what role do you play? E.g Mum, Joker, Leader, Follower, Party animal

If i were to answer honestly, to each question it would pretty much go like this
My interests? I'll tell you them but I've been asked this twice already? don't you have that written down somewhere? Are you trying to extract some other interest out of me that I haven't already said?? WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY... Okay but really I like reading, mostly Russian history stuff... can't get enough, but you already know that.. because I've said it twice....!!

Why do you want to work here?? whyyyy.jpg
But what I really said was "I am looking for a new challenging experience, fast paced, a place where people seem to enjoy working" ideally this would be true.

What kind of person am I?
I am 21 years old why are you trying to extract philosophical answers from me? I suppose I am the kind of person that you want working for you, whats the criteria?? I can be anything you want, happy? outgoing? always ready for a new challenge? Quick learner? You name it I'll be that, please hire me...

Okay this is my favourite one
If you were out with your friends, what role would you play in the group??
What I tend to say is that I am the mum, the leader and the helper -
What I really am is the girl who buys cheap drinks gets really drunk and picks an irrational fight with her boyfriend and cries and goes home and eats a pizza...

From this post it sounds like I'd be the WORST person to employ right? Truthfully I think I am a great people person, but I find the interview environment really off putting, it's like I don't even know the person who's getting interviewed I would not hang out with her she sounds like such a poser. I feel like there needs to be a better system for hiring people, because people aren't there true selves when being interviewed, I don't even think they are there best selves....I think they just say the crap the interviewer wants to hear, and surely by now these employers know that right?? Haven't you seen the memes??

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LOL this was such a fun post! I love that you put a meme in the middle too! I can't wait for your future posts :)


I am a sucker for relevant memes, you'll be seeing plenty more of them on my page! :) Thanks for your comment :)