5 Interview Questions you have to be able to answer to get a job

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Tell me about yourself
Regardless of interviewing or not, you should always have a 30-second commercial ready to go.
“I really enjoy getting up in the morning and going to work. Completing a task is rewarding. I have been in sales for over 20 years and still enjoy making cold calls. I bring my work ethic with me every day and not only enjoy completing my task but also lending a hand and helping my co-workers etc…

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Strengths are easy Hardworking, patience, team player and so on. Weaknesses are harder. The one answer there you never want to give is… “I can’t think of any”….. That shows an unrealistic view of yourself. Take a personal inventory and find some things that you are working on to improve (and know them before the interview). Answers like 1. “Some people might say I am tenacious once I see a problem that needs to be solved I don’t like walking away until it’s done”. 2. “I know that sometimes I am too hard on myself.” 3. I made a promise last year to read more technical journals (sales books, research papers or whatever fits) and I need to get back on track.

What motivates you?
“I am motivated by a challenge. I set my goals high and work hard to be a success” Goal setters are always more productive and hiring managers love to hire them. Just make sure that if you tell a hiring manager that you are a goal setter, that you have some solid examples of goals you have set and achieved, preferably job-related.

Why are you the best fit for the position
At some point, during most interviews, this question is going to be asked in some form or fashion. Think of this as your closing remarks
Besides having the skills and background to do the job, I will bring my strong work ethic to the position every day. This position really excites me because (insert reason here) add to that my desire to excel in the company and I know (not think) you won’t find a better person for the job”.

Okay, I know laid it on a little thick…. But positive words/phrases like “strong work ethic”, “Problem solver”, “Goal Setter/achiever” and so on will work in almost any job interview.

Hope this helps you on your next interview.

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