What is the major cause of unemployment?

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In India major part of population still uneducated, which is major problem for unemployment. Uneducated people treat child as god gift and never think about cost of living or bright feature of their children. Indian government education policies are also responsible for unemployment. for example Engineering colleagues are like poultry farm in India.

AICTE not regulating tough rules for recognition so that only good educational institute will get recognition. education is a profitable business without recession thus most of the politician in India have their own educational institute.

In a recent study it shown that more than 80% engineering graduates are not fit for technical jobs. which mean quality of engineering education in India is not good except IIT and NIT. Government should have control over engineering colleagues and their quality of education. Less college and good quality education will provide good job opportunity to students.

Indian Taxation System, land acquisition process is tough thus most of the multinational companies does not come to India. especially manufacturing companies prefer china over India.

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