[JJM] Kate's Choice - Second Round (50% Steem Sales)

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The second round of Kate's Choice is going to start tomorrow KST 6th of July 2020. Please find the details as below.

1. Date and Size

  • Date: 6th of July 2020
  • From 00-23:59 6th July KST.
  • Size : 50,000 Steem

2. How to participate

You will need to have JJM tokens staked and based on your stake you are allowed to participate at a specific hardcap. Please refer also to the following article to understand the rules better.


You are allowed to send max JJM's to the account @kateschoice during the event time (6th of July KST). You are therefore able to buy Steem at a 50% sales price based on the decided Qty and participants. (Please refer to the first Kate's Choice)

3. Hardcap

JJM StakedHardcap Steem
Under 100-
over 500k50,000

4. Price decision

The price for this round is fixed at 1JJM = 0.175 Steem. The JJM Hardcap is therefore as followed.

JJM StakedHardcap SteemHardcap JJM
Under 100-0
over 500k50,000285,714

4. Swap Page

We are currently under preparation for a Swap page for Steem and JJM to make it easier to participate in Kate's Choice. Details about this Swap page are going to be announced at a later timeframe when we have more details.


This looks like a very creative business idea. I invite you to post about your business on the Community Business and Finance.