Test Experts Various Ways to Live Healthy to Old

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The progress of science and technology has increased the life span of humans over the past few centuries. Along with that, age -related health problems also increase. To solve the challenge, a group of experts provided a number of solutions and tips for healthy living until old age in a report published in the journal Nature.

Some of the things they studied included changing the intestinal microbiota, removing old cells that could no longer replicate, testing specific anti-aging drugs, to using young people's blood to avoid certain diseases. At the last point, using the blood of young people to maintain health until old age has been considered by many experts despite many problems related to ethics, especially in the West. At least experts have tested the idea in mice.

Many experts have found that blood from young mice can reverse the adverse effects of aging and can provide rejuvenation for older mice. Although it was successfully tested in mice, but until now there have been no studies that have successfully tested and proven it for humans. When this method is tested in dementia patients (conditions in which the brain's ability to decline) by injecting blood plasma from young people, no special changes or bad reactions occur. Compared to using young people's blood, transplanting intestinal bacteria is considered to be a panacea without many ethical problems.

Reported by IFL Science , Monday (09/09/2018), the study of intestinal bacterial transplantation has found several positive benefits for dealing with age-related diseases, including dementia. Although this study involves few people, experts believe this method can extend the range of human health. Of course, after the expert has accomplished many things. "Practical accessibility from both the human microbiome and the blood system makes therapeutic manipulation a very interesting approach, but animal research is needed to determine the long-term consequences and possible side effects," the experts in their paper wrote.

While experts continue to test various methods, they state that the best way to slow down the aging process is to change the healthy and active lifestyle. Starting from keeping the body to avoid obesity, not drinking too much alcohol, regulating diet and exercise. In the end, all these things can play a role in maintaining health until old age.

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