Help me choose my next BJJ belt!

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Which Brand of BJJ Belt is Best?

So I'm the type of guy that likes to buy his own belt when it gets close to time for him to be promoted (Purple should come some time this year).

I've literally been researching for a month trying to find something perfect.

What are you looking for in a belt? Do you even care?

Big questions for me:

  1. Embroidered or not?
  2. "Weave" belt or standard?
  3. Dark shades or light shades?
  4. High end ($50+) or not?
  5. Does brand matter?



My favorite belt is the Hypnotik.

I nearly pulled trigger on it the other day @ggrouse! I really want a “weave”belt!!

I think from the "cheap" ones they are one of the best choices , I had tatami and atama belts and I was not satisfied, If you wanna go for the expensive there are certain options.

I just pulled the trigger today at lunch!!! I went with the Combat Corner pearl weave!

I've really enjoyed my Scramble blue belt. 3 stripes on this belt and still looks as good as the day I first put it on!

Have you ever seen a “weave” belt? Made of gi material.

I've got the perfect choice for you. I've looked at different belts a long time even the gi material belts. I'm picky when it comes to my gear. I love jiu jitsu and all that goes with it. A belt is something you will have for the rest of your life then possibly frame it years later to show your kids so why not splurge on a nice belt. The belt I got is from EOSIN PANTHER. They are USA made custom belts. You can pick the color bar on the belt it's so specific because I'm a Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu affiliate I had a navy blue bar put on my belt. I also had my name put on my belt. Might be cheesy and but I like it and it means something to me so I spent money on my belt. You can choose different widths and everything ... check them out. I called them and they will even talk you through the process and cut your belt length down to the inch. I hope you enjoy whatever belt you get! The Eosin Panther belt I wear I really love.

We hope you get your Purple soon. I personally don't care much about the brand. The cool thing some of my training partners do is get a saying embroidered in Japanese on their belts to personalize it. Where are you located at?

Were located in Middle Tennessee. Thanks so much for the info!

If you ever get to Hawaii look us up

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