Do Welterweights like money? $8000?

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** 🏔Battle Mountain 8 “KING OF THE MOUNTAIN”🏔 **



And now something that has never been done before!! Battle Mountain 8 at Tenacity Adventure Fitness will be the BRACKET of all BRACKETS!!

👊🏾Battle Mountain 8 PRO “KING OF THE MOUNTAIN”👊🏾

🏆64 Man NOGI <170🏆


There will be no Super Fights for this event. It will be the 64 man bracket ONLY.

💵💵$8000 CASH, a custom “KING OF THE MOUNTAIN” Championship Belt, and HUGE bragging rights!

🔴PURPLE+ get priority.
🔴Every effort will be made to seperate teams and associations in the bracket.
🔴2 week’s prior to the event we will fill up empty spots with hungry Blue Belts
🔴This is a ONE day event
🔴Submission Only
🔴ALL submissions are legal; including reaping and neck cranks.
🔴Entry fee is $125 (bracket winner gets $8000 CASH)
🔴NO REFUNDS for entry given after March 14th
🔴Here is how our matches will run!

💥1-7 Minute Round
💥All Subs Legal
💥1 EBI Style Overtime Round (fastest escape or fastest submission wins).
💥All entree fees must be paid in advance before any announcements are made.
💥ALL interested competitors must complete the application at the link below. We will begin accepting applicants and announcing participants immediately.

⭐️⭐️ In the event that there are openings in the bracket on the 2 weeks prior to the event, we will open the bracket to BLUE BELTS. First RD byes will also take place if the need arises. In the event that all 64- $125 entries are not paid and there is not $8K for the winner, the bracket champion will receive the total off all participants entry fees (example: 63 participants enter, the bracket winner gets $7875)

Event brought to you by

We look forward to seeing you at Battle Mountain 8!


Good step taken for such type of compitition thanks.

Sir I cannot attend this event because it is too far from my lactation but I will keep praying that it will finish safely. Thanks

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