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RE: 仁義 -Jingi- Episode2

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Hi there Ryo,

Amazing! Especially how you managed to draw the action/ fight scenes.
And it's really a bonus to learn some Japanese as well as about Japanese culture along the way.

Have a great day and keep it up! :>)


Thank you!😀
In fact it is difficult to explain the fine meaning of Japanese word…
So I will study English more!

Thank you for comment!😉

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You're welcome! I wanted to offer you my help with English but I don't speak any Japanese and English will always be my second language so I'm sure people like @whatamidoing would be much more of a help ;>)

Yeah, I know him!
As I am working all alone, so maybe I will need his help someday😀

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Working alone has many benefits but it can also be pretty hard at times. I know all about it as a filmmaker. In fact, even working with just two people on a film project ( like we're doing now ) has advantages and disadvantages but we made the choice to do so as we learnt from past experience that it's sometimes the fastest/ best way to move forward.

Enjoy your weekend! :>)