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Jill Knight’s soulful sound is signature to her style. A native of Savannah Ga, her music delivers a southern texture, blending Americana, blues and weaving in a little R & B that will take the listener on an acoustic journey.

She has been nominated for the LA music awards “best female vocalist, finalist at the Telluride Troubadour competition, a finalist at the National Academy of Songwriters “songwriter of the year” competition, finalist in Billboard magazines, “best unsigned band” contest, a regional best seller in Album Network magazine for her cd Future Perfect, best DIY albums in Performing Songwriter Magazine, honourable mention NSAI songwriting competition and a finalist in the Acoustic Live songwriter competition.

Jill to transformed herself, from recording music related to her personal experiences to being more external. The process was all about shifting to write about herself to writing about the world around her. Her new album she is recording will have more emphasis on societal concerns.

Jill’s top concerns in the world are about the environment and civil rights. She is upset with political corruption and she uses music to convey that each of us can creatively help others. She feels that music is a universal language and she knows that it can bridge gaps in politics, culture and faith.

She is recording a new album that will focus more on what is going on in the world. Back when Bush was president, she was so motivated to do something so she started to think about writing with purpose to uplift people’s souls and help them get through hard times.

The track “Loneliness” was one that she created out of frustration of Bush’s last election. She is telling him that all he will find is loneliness with his outlandish policy ideas. It’s for others to relate to in their own ways but it was spawned from the darkness of ignorance he lives in.

Spirit took over her and she created her song “Don’t Make Me Cry” to express her feelings and to convey that she is there for others and that she just wants people to “go the distance and take the blame” for what they have done, but to know that she is all love and that she will be there for those who change their slanted opinions.

She is currently working to see that she can help Earthday 2017 and future events by bringing her positive perspective and music for people to enjoy.

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