JFK Rises From The Grave

in jfk •  2 years ago 

Jason Bermas talks about time crystals and DARPA, as well as other quantum breakthroughs, JFK giving his last speech post death, and the latest in 3d printing.

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Fascinating stuff Jason. I appreciate you spreading the word about quantum computers and their potential implications on things like cryptocurrency and pretty much any other digital technology out there that is connected to the internet and can potentially be accessed through the internet. That includes the “internet of things”, the network that everything from your toaster, to your toothbrush, to your car, to your vibrator will be plugged into by using the same kind of technology as cellphones. One big problem is, and believe me there are many, but one that I find paticulary worrisome is the amount of EMF radiation one would be exposed to if nearly every electronic device they owned was emitting this stuff, even if it was only a very small amount the cumulative effect of the sum of all the emissions could and in my opinion, would have negative health implications for many many people who are more sensitive to this type of radiation and very likely impact pretty much everyone negatively over time. I live in Vermont and we have a law here that says the electric company has to replace your smart meter with an analog one if you request it at no cost to you. Unfortunately most states have no protection for consumers and seem happy to buy the power company’s assurance that the smart meters aren’t dangerous even though there is ample evidence anecdotally and hard undeniable science to prove without a doubt that these things negatively effect human, plant and animal health. There is a great documentary on smart meters on YouTube. I can’t remember what’s it called off the top of my head but it’s very well done with what seems like a decent budget and it exposes a lot of the corporate propaganda about these meters and sets it straight with plenty of science to satisfy the more skeptically minded of us out there.