My hand made polymer clay earrings

in jewelry •  5 months ago 

The last few weeks ive been crazy busy with all kinds of custom #polymerclay #earrings requests ❤❤. Here are a few that I made.

These are my lemur earrings, i made them for myself and have been wearing them to work and this is how it all started 😉. They are #handpainted alittle too.


These are my #unicorns that ive now had to make a few pairs of 🦄. They are really so cute.


The #Penguins are fun and simple to do❤❤🐧.


The #fox 🦊


#Panda bears 🐼


I am so excited to work on new orders these next few days🤗. I'll be trying to do a corgi, and more #siamese #cats 😉. Here are a few other custom orders i did for Christmas..

Nightmare before Christmas earrings jack and Sally



Thank you again for your #aloha and #support 🌺🌺


#beautiful #crafts #sterlingsliver #jewelry #madebyhand #homemade #forsale #custom #madewithlove #mspsteem #pifc

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sometimes I wish that you'll show us how to make it too @aloha-creations my dear, but that's fine because maybe you've showed us sometimes ago and I missed out the posts. how long did you finished the earings?
and I think you already know that I've featured you in the pay it forward contest this week, because I like it.. do you need me to give you a link.. LOL!
here.. if you want to check it out Entry PIFC W40

thanks for sharing your wonderful creations and I hope you have time to join us again, soon.

Nice work!

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What a cute collection of earrings! Great work, @aloha-creations.

Congratulations on being featured by @cicisaja in her entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

wow... luking so beautiful, hope i get it one..😂 awsum creativity... keep it up.. well done..

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Wonderful collections, you are really good at this...welldone

Just WOW


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What cute creations! I haven't checked in on you for awhile now and am glad that @cicisaja gave me a good excuse to with her Pay it Forward Curation contest entry! Keep up the great work!

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These are sooo cute!! Nice job:)

I found your post because @cicisaja featured you in her Pay it Forward Curation contest entry:)

Those look really cool. I always like to take a look at the stuff you make. I am sorry to this point I haven't really be able to think about buying them. Thanks for sharing


Oh its ok lol