That is neat! Is it a bracelet, or what?

Thanks! it is a bracelet :)

Very cool & unique one! Do you make jewelry often?

Thank you! Yes, it's my business. I create new designs, new models of jewelry. :)
Do you like art? :)

I love creating and doing things with my hands! Lately I've been making jewelry. I have written some posts about them and working on getting more up. Check it out if you like:) Painting, molding clay, & candle making are some other things I love to do, too! Learning new ways of creating with my hands is somthing I'm always opened to:)
I'm following you so I can see more of what you make!

Bravo, happy for you, keep on like this :) I am a sculptor by profession, and, all my life I'm in art.!
I also follow you :)

That's awesome! My dreams are to have a workshop with a boutique or gallery of sorts displaying any work I've done sitting on a peice of land surrounded by trees and nature! With a green house sitting next door. A place where family, friends, fans, and customers can come to watch me create or to simply relax enjoying the nature scene! I still hold on to this dream and hope it becomes reality one of these days:) and thank you!

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