What's the link between Jesus, Aliens and Ripple's XRP?

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Have you guys heard all of the hype about Ripple's XRP! Well there some pretty far out theories floating around and one has my attention!


Some believe that Jesus was an alien and that's what will be leaked on June 2nd by the government.


The theory is that the Jesus in the Bible has been changed by men, mainly the Romans and the Catholic church, to make him seem more Godly instead of disclosing the truth.


There are texts that come from the Sumerians thousands of years older than the stories in the Bible. The original texts was written in Cuneiform by the Sumerians and tells the same stories like Noah's arc and the creation of the world and man. But the Sumerians tell the story in amazing detail with science to back up what really was going on, whereas the bible retells the stories and dumbs it down for people.


Enki (Jesus) was an Annunaki God from the stars who used his DNA to splice it with a primitive Earth primate in order to make intelligent humans. Hence he gave his blood to save humanity. He loved humans but his younger more powerful brother was the alien God over all of Earth and did not like humans. Just read for yourself how the God of the old testament treats humans. He hates them from the beginning. This is because Enlil, the head God of the Annunaki. Enlil has all the same characteristics of the old testament God and Enki has all the characteristics of Jesus...love, forgiveness etc. and his sign is a cross and a fish just like Jesus but written 2,000 years before the Bible.


What does that have to do with XRP? Your guess is as good as mine but many believe the people who can see the value of XRP believe it will get them a ride off this Earth before climate change and worse. So Enki, or Jesus if you will, will be coming to save those who could see that XRP is a huge upgrade for the human species.

I can only come to one conclusion after doing deep research, and that is that there are so many things in this theory that line up with science as well as religion. So who knows!?