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Judas: We stilll On for Friday?
Jesus: Friday?
Judas: Yea the last supper.
Jesus: The what?
Judas: Supper. Normal supper with the fellas.

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Ha ha ha, sly one that Judas, or clumsy with Aramaic? Seemin' the former from the joker! Humor heals! Alleluia!

@lordgod am i going to hell for laughing at this?


You are going to hell regardless because you were born a human sinner. unless you accept my son Jesus the Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.


i put him in my mouth once. does that count?



Jesus knew he was going to be betrayed . he still forgave Judas. Jesus loves everyone

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Yea that's true.

Same thing He does for us.
Jesus just as His Father God is slow to anger but rich in mercy.

This continuation came to my mind after reading your post @lordgod and trying to put myself in Your son's (Jesus) shoes.

#original meme response
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Very good digitailed

He is forgiving, always

Judas let the cat out of the bag lol