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One man had no intention of having "R.I.P." (rest in peace) on his grave in Egypt. (Gen 50: 22-26). The mummy of Joseph was intended for export. Joseph knew the promises of God and what the future would hold, and he was determined not to be left out of it. Joseph, who died at the age of 110, wouldn't even be found dead in Egypt. He was the man “who lived tomorrow”. "By faith Joseph ... gave commandment concerning his bones" (Heb 11:22). He didn't want to lie quietly in the grave when the Red Sea and the River Jordan opened. When carried through the wilderness, Joseph’s bones did not rattle in the box, they rejoiced. There was more life in his bones, than in those who carried them. Joseph’s eye of faith saw the faithfulness of God fulfilling His word, that word which He had given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob long before. In fact hundreds of years before it happened, Joseph shouted with the armies of men who, yet to be born, would bring down the walls of Jericho. Faith renews our youth. A man of faith, at the age of 110 years, is younger than a doubting teenager. So many of our young are "old" and futureless. They are the defeated crowd whose song is that of the Beatles: "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away ... I believe in yesterday." Without God and without hope.” Where are the men of Joseph's battalion today? Faith gives life to the fearful. Faith mocks at that king of terrors, death, and terrifies he who has the power of death, even the Devil. "O death, where is thy sting?" (1 Cor 15:55). Ready?

Source: Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page