BIBLE STORIES # 50 - Jesus goes to the Father and sends the Holy Spirit

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And now it's time for Jesus to ascend to heaven, to the Father. After appearing to the disciples for the last time, He said to them:

  • Soon the Assistant, whom I promised you will come to you. Until that day, stay in Jerusalem and wait. And then go, carry the joyous message of salvation throughout the whole world and baptize people in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The one who believes you, God will forgive and accept into his heavenly Kingdom.
    Having said this, Jesus began to ascend into the sky and soon disappeared from view. The disciples stood looking up and suddenly saw two angels in white robes.

"Why are you looking at the sky?" said the angels to them, "Jesus ascended, but He will come again - just like he left!"

The disciples returned to themselves and began to pray and wait. Fifty days passed after Easter. On this day, too, was a Jewish holiday: Pentecost, the Disciples came together. Suddenly there was a loud noise from the sky, and over each of them a tongue of flame flared up. This fulfilled the promise of Jesus: the Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples, and they began to glorify God in a variety of languages ​​that they had not known before. People who came to the festival from different countries, were surprised: everyone heard their native speech! But many laughed at the disciples and said:

  • Yes, they must be drunk!
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