Jesus in Nazareth: Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers? Matthew 13:54

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While Jesus was in Galilee, according to the teachings of the gospel of Matthew, the master performed many miracles that astonished people, healed a centurion's servant, healed Peter's mother-in-law, and resurrected a young girl.
But Jesus also gave important teachings of wisdom by announcing God's plan in the Sermon on the Mount, and by explaining important parables that anticipated the arrival of the Kingdom of God, the dominion or empire of God's perfections, such as the parable of the sower, the parable of the treasure and the parable of the pearl. And for all this Jesus was a cause of scandal and astonishment among the common and simple people, no one understood who the "son of man" really was, explains the gospel of Matthew; for the most, the Kingdom was a mystery that never fully revealed itself because of the hardness of hearts, and this fact saddened Jesus because he saw the lack of faith in the people.
And so the gospel of Saint Matthew relates how Jesus after visiting the cities of the region of Galilee and southern Phoenicia, where a crowd followed him, Jesus returned to his hometown, Nazareth, and with these words the gospel relates the skepticism of the people:
"When Jesus had finished these parables, he moved on from there. Coming to his hometown, he began teaching the people in their synagogue, and they were amazed.
´Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers?´ they asked. ´Isn't this the carpenter's son? Isn´t his mother's name Mary, and aren't his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas? Aren't all his sisters with us? Where then did this man get all these things? And they took offense at him.
But Jesus said to them, ´A prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home.´" Matthew 13:53-57.
Jesus in his teachings was very determined, the faith and the the word of God cannot germinate without the fear of God (constancy, firmness, devotion).
Jesus in Nazareth. Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers. Matthew 13,54.jpg
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