although Bangladesh has not been in the world cup but Bangladesh has.!! how bangladesh has in the world cup?? lets know....

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32 teams are participating in the World Cup. There is no place in the 197 ranking Bangladesh. But our country has not been in the World Cup, but our country has. That is, the jacket has been made in Bangladesh for footballers in many countries to participate in the World Cup. These countries are Germany, Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Colombia, Mexico and Russia.
Adidas has received sponsorship of the following countries. The jackets in these countries, they will make everything from jersey. But Adidas has created jacket from Bangladesh only. This jacket has been made in a factory in Karnaphuli Shu Industries, a subsidiary of Yangwan in K E P Z, Chittagong.

The tag below this jacket collar has been tagged 'Made in Bangladesh'. This work started from August last year. This ship was then carved from December to February. But everything is done through careful and secrecy.

This jacket made of Bangladesh has some different features. For example, on the left side of the jacket made for Germany, there are four star signs that mean their four-time world champion. Two Argentine jerseys and one star in spain Jersey.

thanks to all.....


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