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in #jerrybanfield2 years ago (edited)

I haven't been too active on Steemit lately. I read a while ago that @JerryBanfield left Steemit. I have seen that fuckhead posting his dumb shit all over Facebook now. He now includes his life story for everyone to see. Had to show you guys this, if you haven't seen it on Facebook yet.

Jerry Banfield's Life Achievements

  • 1,652 days sober
  • 883 days WPFB diet
  • 5.5 years married
  • 3 years parenting
  • 2,582 days an entrepreneur online with 44 video courses
  • 17 books published
  • 600 blog posts
  • 1,434 Facebook videos
  • 1,830 YouTube videos
  • 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify
  • $1227 donated to fellow live streamers!

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