My Supernatural experience (SWC).

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One thing I have come to understand in life is that the spiritual controls the physical. What goes on in the physical world is a function of what have taken place or have been designed in the spiritual world. My Supernatural experience was when I was involved in a long scary battle during the night, in my dream I guess, and woke up to see the effects in the morning.
There was a woman in my neighbourhood who everyone feared so much. She did fetish things like burning red candles every morning, sacrificing a white hen to her deity every month, was always on bare foot, wore beads around her wrist, ankle and waist. No dared to talk about her or even mention her name at night. Parents warned their children not to play or get close to her compound. She lived alone and had no child. She also hated children.
So one evening, I was walking down home from the church when I saw a guy riding a bicycle so fast and reckless that it almost hit me. Then swerved trying to avoid the accident. But unluckily for me, I landed on this feared woman's compound breaking her clay pot and candles. I apologised immediately but she just laughed. When I got home, I told my parents and they were really scared. Trust African parents and how they exaggerate things. They quickly went and bought the pot and candles to replace the broken ones. We went with the items and apologised again. She took the items and said she was no longer angry, so we left.
That night, I became restless and extremly hot. It was as if the whole building was turning upside down and the next thing I saw I was tied to a chair in this woman's house. How I got there I don't know. She was sitting in front of me with the items we presented earlier to her in her hands. She said her deity rejected my items and I must pay for it with my life. I became scared and began to plead with her to let me go that I will do anything for her. She laughed and called me fool, that it's my blood that is needed. Suddenly I saw a sharp knife in her hand pointing at me.
I started to pray to God to please save me. Just then another woman came in and they both had a long discussion, probably deciding my fate as the second woman was insisting that I should be freed. That I was kind to her sometime ago. I struggled to set myself free but in vain. These two women started arguing loud and the other woman who wanted to let me go came and waved her hands over me and the rope fell off. I ran for the door but the wicked woman said some incantations and some creeping plants appeared from nowhere and held me back and tied me back to the chair. I tried to fight it but its grip was too tight. I screamed and shouted for help but to no avail. I became weak, my eyes grew dim and I couldn't hear anything anymore.
They continued to fight and the who building quaked. Some forces of which I have no knowledge of lifted the chair and threw me out through the window, breaking it to pieces. Then I woke up on my bed trembling with fear, sweating and found bruises on my wrists and neck same place those creeping plants held me. And there was a cut on my head sustained during my jump through the window.
How is it that what happened in my dreams affected me in real life. Later that day I passed through the woman's compound and found the window broken and the exact chair I was tied on was outside. This experience made me believe in the Supernatural and how the spiritual world affects or influences the physical world. Thanks for reading my experience.

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