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RE: My Near Death Experience

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This just show how fragile a human's life is. :(
Many are not given the chance to properly leave this life, many left with regrets, unfinished arguments with loved ones, words given that was never really meant. All of the regrets that cannot be undone because the person is no longer there. This is absolutely the reason why we have to live our lives everyday without regrets and say our grace to the Lord and express our love to our family because you will never know when you will disappear in this world.

Reading this reminds me that you can never chose how you die and i'm left speechless and grateful that you are alive. :)

Take care of yourself Ms. @arbitrarykitten and thank you for sharing your story because i'm sure you have inspired someone out there and that includes me. ^^)


Exactly. Live each day, and love without restraint :)

Amen! :)
Anyways, how are you feeling now? Still recuperating?

There are good hours. And there are not so good hours. I have more internal damage than I thought... They are having to place both of my hips and 14 of my vertebrae back into place, which is painful but necessary. But I am feeling better overall day by day. The worst is the fog and holes in my brain. I have written several more posts since detailing everything.

Thank you for asking <3

i'm happy and sad at the same time. sad because you have to go through such pain :(
and happy because you are recovering. 😊
i'll hope you'll recover sooner than expected not just physically but also mentally. 😇

That means a lot ❤️ Thank you

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