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RE: Our world is a virtual reality? | Quantum physics | Many-worlds interpretation | Supernatural Writing Contest (SWC)

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there are more intersting notes on the subject. plenty of short thing on youtube etc. It it worth while explaing it this way! Well done!

one thing... what if we have all "woken up" and all realise that we are in a simulation? will it stop? get frozen? reset?
what if we are able (A LONG TIME FROM NOW) we are able to put our consiousness in machines? is a simulation still usefull for the one(ones) who started it?


Maybe this is the meaning of life, understand that you are in a simulation and "wake up".
Or understand that this is a simulation and use it to your advantage, for example in quantum computers (and find other vulnerabilities in a simulation).

Yes, you get a virtual system in a virtual system. It's not breaking the rules :)

Who knows for what purpose it was created. The deeper, the harder the questions :)

Japanese (Zen) call it 'Satori' (or liberation / enlightedment :-)

Thanks, I'll know! Perhaps the Japanese know something more :)

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