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My Official Entry For The Supernatural Writing Contest
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Through many of my writings I have explained my life experience as an Empath and being Awake. I shared some of my childhood experiences and meeting one of the first dark entities living in my apartment as an adult, and eradicating that entity on my own. What I have not shared is a part of my life that catapulted me into the world of invisible Beings that move from one dimension into another, and many other abilities I have grown to understand.

I would also like to express that I am not the typical person who fully accepted these abilities. I actually fought and blocked these abilities for most of my life. There have been many stages of ignoring what Spirit had been trying to teach me my entire life. As I have previously mentioned, it was not until I was an adult and I had a cranial massage when something was triggered within me and I had a vision. I share that vision in a previous post entitled Kuan Yin. Honestly, my preference has always been to live a quiet, conservative life until that cranial massage in 2012.

What occurred after that massage was the realization that I had the ability to see, hear, smell, and touch the Spirit world from childhood. Everything I had blocked from my memory came rushing in quite suddenly. I remembered that I could travel to different realms, Dreamwalk, talk to Spirit and Great Teachers. What then came flushing into my memory was what actually happened during a Near Death Experience I had when I was just four years old. With the help of my father, who is also a high sensitive I was able to piece together the entire story, and this is the story I will now share with you. But, first let me give you a little background information.

I grew up in San Francisco, California, and my mother was 19 years old when she gave birth to me. My father was not around much since he was in the military, and loved to be on the move. So, my mother and I lived with my uncle, his wife and their three children. I became a young sister to my three cousins, and I felt like I had another set of parents. We always had dinner together, went to school together, and vacationed together.

On one of our vacations we planned to go to Monterey Bay on vacation for one whole week. All of us were so excited. We all piled into the old station wagon, yellow with brown wood side panels, and drove the 130 miles south. The girls were making jewelry, and the only boy was singing a song with his mom. I was the baby so I was usually staring out the window or keeping myself busy annoying my cousins.

Monterey Bay, Holiday Inn Swimming Pool
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By the time we arrived at the Holiday Inn in Monterey we were all hungry so we went to eat dinner and took a short walk around town. By the time we got back to our room we were all tired and went to sleep. The next morning, all of us kids woke up full of energy. The older kids wanted to go swimming, and I felt sad because I had not yet learned how to swim. I was slightly jealous but I did not understand all of these feeling welling up inside of me since I was still so young.

My cousins were so excited that they were jumping on the bed, changing into their swimsuits, and I was getting caught up in the excitement too. I remember feeling that maybe I can swim and my cousins would teach me. My mother helped me change into my bathing suit and told everyone that I was too young to be left alone. She reminded everyone in the room that they needed to keep an eye on me. At that moment, I remember feeling like such a loser and a burden. The excitement quickly turned into the older kids feeling like they would not be able to have fun, because they now had babysitter duty. If you ever had to watch younger kids, you might know what that feels like, and as a younger person you feel like an outcast.

The kids ran off with all their swimming gear; flippers, goggles, snorkels, and tubes. Meanwhile, I was left behind to hold onto my mother’s hand while she walked me to the pool area. By the time we got there my three older cousins were in the pool, my aunt was sunbathing in a lounge chair, and there I was wanting to be with my cousins but stuck holding my mother’s hand.

My mother told me to be careful and she went off to sit next to my aunt. I watched her put suntan lotion on and wave to me to come get lathered up too. I went over to her for a second and she quickly put Coppertone on me and I ran off. As I watched my cousins swimming and dunking each other with full blown laughter, I was feeling very lonely. I started to run around the pool wishing I was in the pool with them so badly. I just kept running laps around the pool.

Shortly after my cousins got bored with tormenting each other, they came after me. They started to splash water on me and scream “Sasa can’t swim, Sasa can’t swim!” That would be my family nickname. Well, of course me being me -- that got me very angry. As far back as I can remember, fighting the good fight was pretty much imbedded in my soul.

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That fight from within came full circle that day, and in my four year old mind I kept repeating to myself "I'll show them, I'll show them I can swim." As my cousins continued to scream that I could not swim, I jumped head-on into the pool and sank straight down. The last thing I could remember was seeing the shocked faces of my cousin as I sank further and further down to the bottom of the pool. I then saw my long ponytail floating above me, along with the bright sunlight hitting the pool over my head. Even now I can remember the satisfaction of seeing respect in my cousin's eyes, and feeling my soul laughing with glee.

For most of my life If you had asked me, I recalled images of someone pulling my ponytail from above and yanking me out of the water. Then my cousin who was a boy scout, gave me mouth to mouth resuscitation. However, there is so much more that happened within that short amount of time. I did not figure out the missing piece until my Awakening in 2012. Between, the time of falling to the bottom of the pool, and getting resuscitated, I died and actually went back to Spirit.

As mentioned earlier I had a conversation with my father and he assisted in my memories being fully realized. What really happened was at the point of my soul leaving the shell of my human body, I quickly traveled back to whom I call Pop. The tunnel everyone talks about is a true reality, but looks more like a cloud filled transporter. Moving through that transporter is so quick, if you have ever seen the movie Thor, when he travels straight through that transporter to earth that is very close to how it feels and looks.

By the time I reached the entrance of the portal, my spirit family was waiting for me along with my family guards. There was the usual greeting and feeling of it is too soon, you have to go back. Yes we have many spirits working in our favor on a daily basis and they are watching us all the time. I was then quickly escorted to Pop, where a very serious discussion took place.

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In what many people call the soul body versus the physical body, I am an ancient soul. I had agreed to come to earth to assist those during this very precarious time. We all agree to come here and we have agreed to certain jobs. Many people use different words, but I use the word job because this life is not an easy one. It is up to us to figure out our job and life purpose in our human shell and to advance our soul. I may go into more explanation of this process at a later time.

So, back to that very serious conversation. Pop was not very pleased, but remained loving as he always is -- I had a choice to make. That is the thing with Pops, he always gives us a choice, even though we know what he wants us to do. Even more fascinating is that yes, when we travel to different realms time does slow down and sometimes stops. It depends what realm we are traveling too. So my long conversation with Pops, was less than a second here on earth.

Pop of course wanted me to come back to earth, and send my soul right back to the tiny little body sunk to the bottom of that pool. My soul was not so eager to go back to earth. I missed being home, I missed my family, most of all I missed the pure love that comes from the realm I come from. I truly missed my close connection and relationship I have with Pops. We discussed the agreement and my “choice,” to go back to earth. Since I am telling you this story, you got the idea. Pops won -- do not fool yourself -- he pretty much always wins.

I was allowed a short reunion with all my loved ones and handed back to my family guards. The guards lovingly carried my soul back to the little body being resuscitated, and I watched from above until I was back inside my human shell. The experience was quite extraordinary in only that the feelings that could happen in such a short amount of time are intense. Everything seen and experienced can be blocked and ignored, but the truth of the matter is that these experiences do occur and they are real.

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After my Near Death Experience I became more aware of all types of Beings, talking to Great Teachers, and traveling to different realms. I may share some of these experiences with you in the future. For now, I will just sit back and think of a time that I almost made it home after four short years of life on earth, and laughing to myself as I still think of the stunned look on my cousins faces. Peace.

Details of the contest can be found Here.


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My experiences of the Void have no other beings or manifestations, but the feeling of being "home" is overwhelming.

One of the hardest practices in Dzogchen is the integration of the realms; that home is not just elsewhere, but here too.


What is your meaning of Void and it’s been location?
What are you referring to as far as “no other beings” or “manifestations?”
As far as a practice of philosophy does that not pertain to your own soul experience, choice and life path?
Each soul determines that path, agreements, etc.

Your comment can mean so many different things amd each word can mean something different to each soul.

My soul is not what’s someone else’s soul may have exepeeieced. For instance, this is my first and last soul experience on earth. I have no agreements here, nor do I have past agreements here. I wil not reincarnate here because I take care of what I need to without causing bad karma, etc.

Wow. I'm someone who constantly struggles with my true purpose and you outlined so much, that we agreed to a job. It may explain why so many perceived barriers are put along our way if we aren't doing the job we agreed. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing


You got it straight away! You are on point exactly. That’s why if we hit a roadblock it’s time to change our life and listen to what I call the whispers. Hugs

Dear @eaglespirit - thank you for sharing such a deeply personal experience with us.

While I have read similar stories in the past - yours was very well defined and presented (just as many of your great writings ^_^).

I also take personal satisfaction in noting that your experiences conveyed quite align with my thoughts on our relationships to the Source and each other.

Thanks again and be well. ^_^


Dearest @pathforger, coming from you this is the biggest compliment a gal can get! :)
Also, complimenting the writing means a lot to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Blessings to you always and forever. xx

I enjoyed that! You told it well and very simply...
Thank you for sharing the experience, have a good day! :)


Thank you @ackhoo. I appreciate you stopping by and lending your support.

Interesting. I had a near-drowning experience, too, when I was about 5. It was all very peaceful, although I didn't get as far into the other side as you did. I just remember thinking to myself, "So this is what it's like to die." It was like a big mystery had been solved and that question answered.


That is interesting! I just went to a Sweat yesterday, wish you were close enough to come. You would have loved it.
As far as "this is what it's like to die," sounds like something you would say. LOL Comical as you are passing.
Did you find that your abilities were enhanced after that experience?

Holy crap!!! Why didnt i read this yesterday?!?!? @jerrybanfield you had better give this some love!!!!


I’m speechless.

Thank you for writing this story. It was very well written and I enjoyed reading it. I sent 20 STEEM directly to your account for your participation in the SWC.


Dear @gmichelbkk, thank you so much for reading my work, I am truly happy that you enjoyed my story and found it well written. Hooray, Yippee on the Win! Thank you so very much.

wow, I loved your story @eaglespirit --your journey into astral world needs to be heard. There are so many who've had similar experiences who are on meds or in hospitals because they to have a thin veil. You were/are blessed to have grown up in an environment that was somewhat supportive and encouraging of your gifts manifesting--even the part about growing up in California. I look forward to more of reading about your journeys...


Hello @awakened-oracle, thank you for the connection and reaching out to me. This means a lot.
What do you mean astral world. Terms can be tricky, especially when one hears words by reading.
Do you mean when I Dreamwalk or when I go further? Traveling to different realms or staying on this plane?
As far as meds and hospitals, I’ve found that they were out there because they shared their stories and have been shit down. That’s just my feeling. Many have abilities but many are not and do need help.
I was not raised in a family that was supportive. I did not have the convo with my dad until I was an adult, I am fairly stubborn and made my way. As evidenced by my act of jumping in the pool. LoL I’ve blocked on my own and lived my life with freedom in mind.
What do you mean by manifesting? To me, manifesting means creating or making something happen. If I want a job for instance, I create that.
Some decisions are made for us, or should I say situations are placed there as a test too. Just my thoughts/feelings on things. Do you write about these things too?


When I say the astral I am including the underworld and middle unseen worlds which have many dimensions from my experience. The dreamworld is part of the astral world from my perspective.

Yes, some do need balancing as far as stabilizing because the veil is too thin to be able to function in this material world but it also shuts down many parts of the brain, dulls the senses and can make life very unpleasant unless a way is found to find a healthy outlet for their considerable psychic energy and artistic bent.

Even if you didn't have the family support living in a larger environment that was less judgmental I'm sure was beneficial. Even ancestrally there may have been support for you as a child which you shared in your story. To this day my family except for a few of the younger ones think I am damned to hell because of my belief system.

I should have been more clear. I was speaking specifically about soul choices that would lead to manifesting what you needed on your soul journey.'

Yes, I have written quite a few articles over the years about my experiences as well as spiritual growth articles. I used to be a Tantra yoga teacher and now write about what I've learned for the most part. I also have an unpublished book on my journey into Tantra yoga and my work with the Divine Feminine presences that started about 30 years ago.

Great questions btw...


@awakened-oracle, since you found my post I actually find this to be authenticated. Haha.
I sifted through many of the posts since yesterday and I can tell what is real and exaggerated. I have a feeling you have done the same thing. Whilst some are entertaining, that does not mean they are real. Good writing seems to help too!
Also, friendships and connections. Regardless, I am happy you found me and I will look forward to reading what you share with us on Steemit. I like this contest, if anything to make new connections.
About dimensions, that is the phrasing I tend to use especially when in 3D-5D, I wrote a piece on that. I tend to not use the term astral too much but I feel it is 4D. So, I just wanted to clarify your meaning. Also, a few people have different meaning of Dreamwalking and learning/teaching in that dimension. It gets very detailed and I'm not sure I want to go into all that in a comment. :)
I think we are basically talking about the same thing althoughI do feel astral and dreamworld are different. I read some do say astral is OBE and then there's that argument. I guess all in all, I just do it.
Speaking of psychosis and mental capacity is a sensitive subject, so I will keep that info for maybe Discord. I do not want to cause upset if I use the incorrect word or phrasing.
My family was judgmental and there is more to the story during my teens, so maybe we can share that at a later time too.
I do not recall discussing my ancestry in this post, but there has been invisible supportive forces but we all have those.
Damned to hell is rough! I feel some may feel that about me, and if i shared some of my stories they probably would feel the same. I tend not to talk too much about my experiences. As I mentioned, I have preferred the quiet conservative life.
Yes, we all give our soul what it needs I suppose, if we all listen. I tend to listen, many do not. Unfortunately.
I really do look forward to reading your posts, please share those in Discord! xx


yes, being authentic (or not) is the law of attraction in action from my perspective. I've met most of the people who have impacted my life as a result of sharing ideas. The in-tune heart resonates with what is real. And, I agree @eaglespirit keeping those things that are close to your heart private or shared with those who have proven themselves trustworthy is the best way to go. I too look forward to more of your creative work and journey here and on discord...


I have tagged you on some links in TGP @awakened-oracle. The YT I posted was very interesting and it is a nice way to interact in the channel. Thank you for your interaction and communication. xx

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!


Thank you!

Wah amazing experience Cass! I do believe that such being exist based on my mom's experiences and others I know.

I'm not as blessed as the others though. I'm kind of insensitive on these kinds of things.


Hey Dawn, I’d prefer if you kept my name to Eagle. :)
There is nothing like firsthand experience Dawn.
We are all blessed and that is okay regarding not being sensitive. I appreciate you stopping by and supporting me.

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Oh wow, what an experience you had and what a wonderful story that experience gave you to share with us. I believe each and every word you wrote because our soul does travel and we do have the ability to see things others cannot see. I too sometimes have flashes of things that haven't really happened to me in this lifetime, but they are so vivid that I feel there is a lot more to them. Maybe I can discuss them with you on discord?


Hello @sharoonyasir, glad you stopped by and I appreciate your support. I’m happy you agree, although even if you didn’t it’s like so many other things, that does not mean its not real. Right?
Past life info is very interesting, so many of my friends are into the regression stuff. Most people I know already tied into all that info and it seems amazing what one can do with it!
Discord is great, anytime. :)

good post friends. thanks for sharing


thank you.

Great captured Eaglespirit! Did you vote my last post? Do you think?


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