DMT and Breathing the Spiritual Awakening (Supernatural Writings)

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It truly is amazing what lies beyond our sensory perception. For example we hear up to 10 octaves of sound frequencies but we can only see one "octave" of vision: red to violet. Technology has allowed us to see infrared and ultraviolet spectrum but what else lies beyond these. Can other sentient forms of energy lie beyond this and attempt to communicate with us?

I have always been amazed by our physical sensory limitations in regards to how little we can actually sense on the physical plane. But I always was curious to whether there were tools that humans can utilize to access a greater/weaker energy that is beyond our physical comprehension. My first tools that I used were psychedelics such as mushrooms and acid which really blew my mind. It was amazing how the inhibition of serotonin could drastically affect all sensory perception: I saw visuals that were not there, experienced auditory hallucinations, and my thoughts turned into a deep, mystical well with no end. This showed me that our perception is much more limited than I previously observed.

My next experiment was with DMT and this marked a very strange occurrence and huge shift in my being. DMT is a molecule that is released by the body during death and it is released by the pineal gland. My initial fascination was my research into it showing that many users report very similar visions in their experiences such as talking to "mechanical elves" or talking to a higher, spiritual being. So I did what any other curious mind would do and tried some to see if I could experience different realities or travel out of my body. As soon as I took in a hit, I remember this high frequency resonating in my ears, growing in intensity, so much that it was shaking my body with an intense feel-good vibrations. When the frequency hit its apex, I physically closed my eyes and laid back in my couch, but my spiritual body was "beamed" through what I imagine was a wormhole. It was an intense journey where I was surrounded by many beautiful, geometrical, colors and sounds (I know it sounds weird for a sound to be geometrical but that's how it felt).

Finally, I landed in a bright, green field with two monumental being in my vision. On the left was a man that reminded me of Zeus from the Hercules cartoon movie, except he seemed more like a hieroglyph than a 3-D being. He took up the entire left field of my vision and the sky. He seemed to be made of a solid orange rock with his features frozen. But I could feel such intense hatred radiating off of him that I immediately decided to pay attention to the figure that took up the right field of my vision/sky. She was a beautiful girl that seemed like a frozen hieroglyph in the sky than a being. Her immense love radiated from her bright blue body that seemed to be made of the most pure sapphire imaginable.

I sensed her smiling even though her face did not change and she began to talk to me even though her mouth never moved. She told me that I was on the right path but I had many trials/dangers in my life currently that I needed to watch out for. These things in my environment were hurting my spiritual journey and weighing me down. She seemed to know everything about me and just truly wanted to help my path. Almost as quickly as I arrived, I was sucked back into a different wormhole where I came upon what appeared to be an Egyptian goddess holding an abacus.

Just like the previous two beings, she appeared to be frozen in my view in a hieroglyph format but seemed to be the color of sandstone plus a few additional, different colors to her hair that came upon her shoulders. Her intense gaze came upon me and I could feel intense hatred flow through my body. Every fiber of my being was full of hatred that was being produced by the woman. She spoke to me telepathically, like the previous woman, and said I was ignorant of the power of these sacred medicines (the DMT/mushrooms/acid). She was very displeased about the lack of ritual and spiritual usage of these medicines from myself. I remember her distinctly saying to me, "You dishonor beings that are much wiser and all-powerful. What will you do now? (in a taunting tone)"

I wish I could truly describe the helplessness of this situation. Here I am, floating in between dimensions, held by an all-powerful goddess that is radiating extreme negative, hatred feelings into my body, and who is directly angry with my behavior and lifestyle towards these medicines. All I could do was laugh. I did not know what else to do, it felt like an impossible, comical situation that I never thought would ever occur. I sensed her smile when I laughed and i felt the hatred immediately vanish. At this point, I understood that I had some control in this dimension, at least over myself. I sensed her smile grow from my understanding of controlling my energy in this realm. "At least you know that," she said. Once she said that, my body went through the abacus that she was holding where I flew through another worm hole where I could see my physical body in my house, still on the couch.

I can remember my friend's voices coming slowly into my head as I slowly regained feeling of the 3-D reality that we all know and love. I was shook from this but excited; I was convinced that I astral traveled with the assistance of DMT. The blue woman struck a cord with as a guardian angel that was watching over me and her appearance mirrored my sister who had passed away beforehand. This led me to explore more methods of harnessing spiritual energy to connect to other energies or beings and one of these trails led me to a breathing ceremony in Michigan.

This particular breathing ceremony was to cleanse the physical, emotional, and spiritual body by using a deep breath through the nose and a sharp exhale through the mouth. A medicine woman would go around to everyone and hold space while smudging with sage to cleanse the air and energy that people were letting go of. I did not expect much from this simple ceremony but 5 minutes into breathing something crazy seemed to occur. I felt an electric-like energy originate in my fingers and toes. As I kept focusing on breathing and felt my body relaxing even deeper, I felt this energy build to my hands and feet, then my forearms and shins. Soon, the energy entered my torso, linking at my heart where I started to cry. I had nothing really on my mind that would cause me to cry and my thoughts were only concerned with breathing properly so I let the emotional energy flow.

As I continued to breath, I saw a vision of my spine floating in a void of blackness. But two snakes, starting at the base of my spine, traveled up my body, intertwining around each chakra of my body as they met at my crown (chakra). This I believe was indicative of my Kundalini energy being charged. Kundalini represents consciousness energy that is the birth of the life force (chi/prana). The closest photo to represent what I saw is this.

This eventually faded away until blackness when I then noticed a light in the distance of my vision (even though my eyes were closed). This light was growing larger and larger each minute and I was excited about the huge amounts of love energy that I could feel radiating from it. However, before it could enclose itself around me, I heard the voice of the medicine woman telling everyone that we had been doing this ceremony for nearly a hour and that it was time to come back to the physical plane. I was sad to feel the energy dissipate from the interruption but was kind of happy to come back to this reality; it was physically and emotionally exhausting to connect to this spiritual energy.

Everyone at that ceremony had visions or released blockages that were holding them back emotionally. One man that I know even had one of his injuries in his leg from a car accident be healed in one fell swoop. It was truly amazing to experience such an event. I have not had the time to find another one but I recommend two things before anyone tries to contact the spiritual/supernatural.

  1. Have a medicine woman/medicine man around that you have researched and trust immensely. These guides can help take your spiritual energy much farther but finding good guides is starting to become challenging.

  2. Know your intent beforehand. One of the main differences between my DMT experience with my breathing ceremony is that I knew what I wanted from the spiritual experience beforehand. I believe that is why the Egyptian woman with the abacus was mad at me, because I just kinda waltzed right into her home without being invited or any reason at all. I believe having a specific goal such as healing myself (like in the breathing ceremony) or learning would have produced a much different DMT experience. One of the best intents to go into any spiritual realm is to open your heart for more love, this produces some great results. Going to spiritual realms with egotistical thoughts of self however, may produce some bad experiences.

Although, some may claim that the DMT experience is not supernatural, I would definitely disagree. Just because outside tools were used, does not make the experience any less real to the being that is experiencing the new reality. But the most supernatural experience would definitely have to be the breathing ceremony where you could feel the physical manifestation of spiritual energy be pulled into the body to heal. I recommend everyone trying a breathing ceremony or pranyama in yoga. You might just be surprised by your experience 😉

Disclaimer: I am not recommending everyone go try DMT, mushrooms, or any other illicit thing in your area. Illegal things=trouble. Maybe one day these medicines will not be illegal but until then be careful. See a physician to see if breathing ceremonies are right for you.

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DMT is the craziest thing to be illegal, everyone is holding. Not sure where exactly it's produced (likely in the lungs) but its present in the urine and blood of everyone.

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