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Following the invitation that @jerrybanfield gives us to tell the lived supernatural stories, he really encouraged me to tell a family story ... This previous story I had told for the blog but it was not so successful, so it helped me update it and translate it for other for the group of spectators. Actually when I saw the post of @jerrybanfield, the first thing I thought is that around us things happen to us that sometimes we do not realize, and many of them without inconvenience, and we think that if we have a lot to tell because we do not have encouragement. .. Now to go into details, today I want to share more than a story, a family experience, an anecdote ...

This story happened in my family, many years ago, when my mother was only as a mother with my older brother, he had a very short age, I still can not decipher ...

Now, to start my parents put my brother by name Manuel Nepali, he was just a child getting used to his name maybe, I do not know ... my mom tells us how when she needed to communicate with him he always said: Manuel , Nepali (his middle name) or chose to use both (Manuel Nepali), to which my brother always omitted such a call even when he listened to her.

When my mom got tired of her omission when she called him and did not help him, she said: boy, I'm calling you! He innocently replied: It's just that I do not call myself that, my name is FERNANDO ... My mother had no choice but to be surprised at her "occurrence". She patiently told him and explained that yes, that his name was Manuel Neptali, like his father, that they had chosen that name for him, that his grandmother had given that name to his father and they had also chosen him for him, and with whatever argument occurred to him at the time, but there was nothing to convince him and he kept omitting the calls on each occasion. To all these not only said that it was called "FERNANDO", but his dad was his dad, but it was not called that either. And my mom asked him and what's his name? He kept thinking and saying, I do not remember. In response, my mother always explained to him what his name really was, that they had chosen him for him and that when he called him by Manuel Nepali he had to attend, however, he passed the time and it was not like that, sometimes when my mother needed that he would respond, he agreed to call him by the name of Fernando so that he could attend, since he kept forgetting his own first name, to which he replied: You saw, that's what if my name is me! So if I listen to you!


Over time and already somewhat distressed my mom was looking for information about it until she found someone who gave her a version that made her investigate even more ... According to this person from his belief it was likely that my brother remembered the name "HIS PAST LIFE" , past life? Is this possible? Is there reincarnation? Well I do not know, I suppose that each one will have different opinions, the most practiced religions give us to know the resurrection, but not the reincarnation. What to believe? we can only define it according to our belief patterns that we are sure of and I do not intend to change it, it is simply a story that always caught my attention and made me curious, personally I think that, if it is hard and hard enough remember everything about a life, because remembering several would be even worse, so to exist better forget it, while I dedicate myself to live this unique life that I remember to the fullest, enjoying every day and of course learning from each lesson or experience.

Personally I think that life teaches you many things, there will be skeptics who do not believe in past lives, who will defend religious views, who may support and believe in this or another version, but I have always considered that the absolute truth does not belong to us , I really believe in God, in my life I have seen it manifested infinities of times, mainly in stories about my mom who on more than one occasion has won the battle to the death, but I have come to think that if my balance only leans towards a specific belief based on absolute will be difficult to believe something, but it is very different when it is you who happens to you, you will always ask what was this that happened? Many things we do not understand and sometimes we want to justify it, but I suppose that when it comes time to be with God (if we deserve it for our actions and / or his mercy) I think that many doubts of these will be unveiled, perhaps if the History will not revolve around my family, I would be a skeptic, but what if it is true that if we are honest and look around us there are many inexplicable things that we sometimes define as designs, as coincidences, as surreal (we do not give credit to who has lived it).

My mom has told me a lot about this story, and I've read some similar stories and at least I do not have to doubt my mother or other people for what she chooses to believe, and to date if there is no past life, there is no a theory that explains the occurrence of such an event, I know that evil exists pitifully but I believe that children belong to God, so for that reason and for the innocence characteristic of my brother's age when this happened, I do not think that try your imagination.

Regarding past lives, whether they exist or not? Only God knows, what if it is true that I can not give explanation to this event if I do not give at least the benefit to the doubt of the existence of it, for now or generally we only remember this life and I think that we should make the most of it , and watch over our actions, because if it is hard to respond to God for the actions of a life, and when the time comes for us to repent we think so many things that we could do better, I do not even want to imagine what would happen for things that today I have no conscience that I did, and that's where I maybe like that H'oponopono theory a bit, I think with saying sorry, giving thanks, forgiving, loving, not harming any belief, finally God is love and everything that has what to do with love can not come from anyone other than its purest essence, the rest we have invented as humanity and how much damage we have done.

I really hope you like this story ... I would also like to know if something similar has happened to you too? And because who until now has not been encouraged to tell their supernatural story cheer up, what I like most about these issues is that they are very broad and although there is radicalism on many occasions I think we have all experienced at least once a story that it leaves us thinking, and I know that at least one miracle we have seen before our eyes.

Greetings and blessings for all

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