engraving machine

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carving is a hand art or expertise of a person in an art, its ordinary carving is carved in wood, well this carving in carving in machine, now in indonesia more famous about modification carving machine, this machine usually in carving in middle java area that is at the city of jepara, which is the city of jepara is already famous for the city of carving, from carving art, batik carving, wood carving and carving crafts and art crafts Jepara is his city.
materials that are used to carve are:
first markers, for the markers to paint the art we want to engrave, for example we want to carve our own name, means that we must write the name first use a marker.
both nails, nails are used to mark the engraving.
the third tool carved pekakas, to carve the art we want
and the third is a hammer, a hammer is used to run the engraving.


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