Jeff Berwick on Free Talk Live at Anarchapulco 2018

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Freetalk Live, recorded live at Anarchapulco 2018. Topics include: Anarchapulco 2018, now the go to Liberty event, more international, the spectacular growth of Anarchapulco, big names in attendance, bringing more people into the movement, Wu Tang comes to Anarchapulco, Anarchapulco 2019 planning already underway, the growing expat community, the non-danger in Mexico, Mexico so much freer than the USA

The original interview on Free Talk Live:

Visit Anarchapulco 2018:

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in the next bitcoin buble i`m coming to anarchapulco

you ever want to talk about the serious problems with this platform let me know.

I love it. It is great to hear good comments about Mexico.
Do not get me wrong, like any other place in the world, there are bad and good places, but so far so good, Mexico has been the best place to live for us.
There is a lot more freedom here in Mexico than in the USA.

This seems like a interesting event. I've wanted to visit Mexico for a while now, this might be my excuse to finally go. In this little travel fantasy of mine I'll pay for the trip with steem of course.

Excellent interview @jeffberwick- u are a genius. Anarchapulco is such an awesome event,so sad how they insinuate that Mexico is such a dangerous and unsafe place. After watching numerous videos and seeing the fantastic pics I am strongly considering coming over for the 2019 edition.

MEXICO Border Crossing Malayalam (Kerala,India) 'CIA' Movie version: