Health & Wellness & Ayahuasca, Iboga, DMT, Kambo, Tantra and Much More At Anarchapulco

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Anarchast Ep.404

Jeff Berwick interviews Avi Esther, 'Production Princess' for Anarchapulco 2018. Topics include: whats on offer at Health and Wellness before Anarchapulco 2018, Health and Wellness retreat is 12-14th Feb, a PhD Sitar player, the art of the sober party, feminine energy, Tantra breath work, the search for enlightenment, the Cacao ceremony, Ayahuasca, DMT, Kambo, Iboga, the commodification of the sacred medicines, Theraphi plasma field generator, personal change and growth, nutrition and diet, health sovereignty, boosting your immunity for the conference, the ancient spiritual presence of Acapulco, Dayna Martin's unschooling workshop, Adam Williams Avatar workshop, Clive de Carl Anarchist Wizard, a Taco pool party! so much more on offer at Anarchapulco 2018!

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Thank you so much for everything that you do Jeff!


Hello Jeff!

Everyone who believes in freedom has the right to good wealth and wellness (note: there is a big difference between a right and an entitlement)

More power to you!

wish you success with your anarchapulco conference this coming week.

That sounds like is going to be a blast & she seems nice. She kind'a went off the rails a bit with the whole "shamin summonsing the plants sentient being" thing (not an excact quote) but, it's her thing so, live & let live. I am looking farward to 2019. Not only will my family be at Anarchopulco, what's more is we won't be returning to Texas. We'll be joing the Anarchopulco Settler Club. Even though I'm missing Ron Paul this year, ugh! Anyway sounds like she did wonders for the health & wellness pary of the whole thing so...nice.

such awesome timing to see this. Me and @stellabelle are going to peru in the spring to have our first ceremony. When the stars align.. Well they surely do. @jeffberwick .. I'm a fan.

Great work Jeff ... your contribution is so much appreciated

Dear Jeff, I watch your Youtube channel often, and I admire your courage and enthusiasm. I would like to invite you over to Seoul Korea for TV Chosun Cryptocurrency Forum to take place in Seoul on 14 March. Business tickets and hotels, and honorarium are provided. pls email me [email protected] My name is youngsook Park, prof at Yonsei University.