The Bitcoin Vs. Bitcoin Cash Debacle - Jeff Berwick on World Alternative Media

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Josh Sigurdson from World Alternative Media at Anarchapulco 2018. Topics include the 2018 Anarchapulco conference, the laughable Anarchapulco - Bitcoin Cash conspiracy theories, Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, Cryptopulco, Bitcoin Core, scaling, let the market decide.

Original WAM interview here:

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BCH transactions are faster.
BCH transactions are cheaper.


bitcoin cash is not a proof of work, bitcoin is. Bitcoin cash is stealing money from bitcoin, that's the fact jack!


Bitcoin cash is fooling new people that are getting into crypto making them think that bitcoin cash is bitcoin.. making money of the name bitcoin that is all...

Thanks again Jeff.


I was just thinking that someone should do a video on this... Awesome! You should consider making a step by step vlog on this for people to be able to follow along with the steps as well as additional ideas you might have. I wish people would think #Steemit through on something you mentioned in this video. We should all help each other be successful. Doing this not only reciprocates the support, but everyone becomes successful together. And even further, #Steemit then becomes more popular.

BTC is still a good investment but BCH is the real deal!

thanks a million!

Interesting video! I need to educate myself more on Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash. For now, I don't hold any Bitcoin Cash. Maybe I will change that in the not too distant future! Thanks for the post!


Here's some education about it:

nice ! i will check this :)

BCH all the way! Bitcoin Cash is Peer to Peer Electronic Cash for Everyone
The way it was always intended :D

Very interesting.. I don't hold BTC or BCH, but I have only heard negativity as it relates to BCH. I never got into the drama surrounding the "feud". You are absolutely right, in saying that BTC has changed from being a peer-to-peer digital cash, to "digital gold". The high transaction fees make it so that it is simply a store of value rather than the future of currency as it was primarily intended to be. I would rather go with Dash or Litecoin myself, but this was definitely eye-opening regarding Bitcoin Cash.

Great video.

Regardless of what Satoshi's vision was, in the beginning, is irrelevant now. I am sure it wasnt to be manipulated by outside sources like governments, media banks etc.

But once they start spreading FUD it drops like mad!

Everything evolves and look at the marketplace now compared to 2/3 years ago.

I agree with you when you say - BTC has changed from peer-to-peer digital cash, to "digital gold".

More people have stopped using BTC becuase of the high fees, (hopefully Segwit and lightining will help)

I honestly believe more and more people are just accumalinating BTC instead of using it, therefore making it a store of value.

Coins like BCH, LTC, ETH are much quicker and fees alot lower.

The Bitclub network which is a huge mining operation just switched the entire set up over to BCH for payments as it is much cheaper to operate with.

BCH has used tactics which are deplorable. Should they decide to come clean and cary their own weight fine. Bcash is not Bitcoin.


It's so sad that it has so many supporters.


what tactics?


This explains it pretty well.


Tactics: calling an altcoin (not backwards compatible with the historical Bitcoin blockchain) the ‘real’ Bitcoin and using identical address format to confuse people. Buddying-up with known bad actors such as Jihan Wu and Craig Wright. The real Bitcoin (BTC if you are having trouble figuring out which is which) has a vetted roadmap for scaling and a queue of badass innovations for increased optimizations and privacy. Bcash is about as centralized as you can get in the ‘crypto’ space, while its sock puppets resort to emotional appeals and trigger phrases to reel in & confuse the noobs. Bitcoin has a battle tested nine year history because of hard core cryptographers and a die hard community. Bcash has a group of dudes with issues and and Inner Mongolia miners (i.e., communist China). In short, Bcash is a cluster fuck that will crash and burn.


Deception and false narratives...

I don't see BCH having much of a future.. It has too much competition from Dash, Litecoin, etc..

I would agree that BCH is highly centralized and set up for failure. While Bitcoin has a large proof of work backing and currently acts as a digital gold. It should get faster over time with Segwit. Thanks for the video Jeff!


What matters per the Bitcoin design is that there are hashing nodes, period. The actual number of nodes, who they are, or where they are located, can't be determined for sure.

Unless they are actually complete block generating network nodes they are 1. not producing blocks and securing the network via hash power (absolutely necessary, or the network dies) 2. not investing time and energy in order to come up with said blocks, which means there is no built in economic incentive to protect the chain in order to earn compensation 3. For this reason much easier to reproduce as "sock puppets" to make the network either look more secure or like it has a lot of users voting with what client they use.

Satoshi was clear on this. 1-IP-One-Vote is to be avoided. Hash power is what counts, as even "full nodes" are dependant on it. This is also why network nodes (ie "miners") had to be onboard with both forks to some degree in order for them to go through and why Bitcoin Cash is a 'minority' fork, while Bitcoin ("Core") SL is the 'majority' fork.

Btw SegWit doesn't really solve the issue of scaling. If the goal is to scale on chain, neither does Lightning Network. But LN helps to scale off chain, keeping on chain transactions minimal with several tradeoffs. (which in the end might be worth it)

The split however was over community issues primarily, or else the debate of the technical differences would still have continued inside of the original community.

Voluntaryists are always ahead of the curve, we are typically early adopters, maybe the peace-love aspect is something to come in the near future for the masses, sort of how we have paved the cryptocurrency road.

btc cash has more faster transactions

So many uninformed people in the comments...

Thanks Jeff

Exchellent post ,,
Thank you for the beautiful and hard work!!

i think BCH is good to invest. Btc are having to much tax fee and difficult to mine.


If very few people use your coin (by comparison), then taxes will be low.


right. but normally BTC tax fee is almost 10$ to 12$+ for transaction.
in my opinion we should to invest in other coins now rather than btc.
like Litecoin, doge, eth, eth classic, ripple, bch, steem , sbd etc
What you think ?


I definitely think other coins have much better technologies and fees and deserve to be #1 instead of BTC. However, I used BTC today through the JAX wallet with a transaction fee of 47 cents and it got 6+ confirmations in less than an hour. exchanges and other companies just rip people off with those insanely high fees. They might pay that to process a ton of withdrawals in one transaction, but they make each user pay the withdrawal fee, which is just bullshit.


may be some wallet provides low fees.
my exp was with bittrex blockchain etc.


Bittrex has ridiculously high withdrawal fees for most currencies, well above what they actually pay for a transaction. I really don't like this about them. For some currencies they charge you more than 20 times what the transaction actually costs. They are OK otherwise.


right. Thanks for info :)

Is bitcoin cash going to go back up past the 3k mark or is it dying? Why would a merchant use bcash over bitcoin, litecoin or ether.

Bitcoin cash, also known as Bitcoin crash or Bitcoin trash.


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There are 3 people writing code for bitcoin cash on github. This is a joke. Bictoin cash should be called mooch coin.

Jeff makes a great point if btc is digital gold we still need digital cash. The path bitcoin core has decided to take is not great. People always talk about banking the unbanked but bitcoin cant do that because its just to expensive.

I think digital cash has to be affordable for people who live on under $2 a day. It has to be able to facilitate micro payments. If bitcoin continies on a high fee strategy it will only be a tool for the extremely wealthy.

I dont think that was Satoshi's vision.

I AGREE WITH THIS "let the market decide"


It did.


The market decided months ago. BCH has no credibility.

I think Bitcoin will be ban soon... OMG

BCash had a chance but they blew it by trying to scam everyone into thinking it's Bitcoin. It's not real Bitcoin. Any kid can create something equal OR better than BCash by forking Bitcoin. People copy Bitcoin because it's the best, with the most devs doing the most work on it. BCash is a cash grab by Roger Ver and Chinese miners, trying to trick newbies. Litecoin has been better than BCash for years, there was no reason for BCash to exist in the first place.

Only time will tell which of these coins will endure. In my opinion half of them are already 'dead'.

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Thanks dear sharing this video..

Just finished watching on Youtube, great interview! Keep up the good work.

My own take on this is that bitcoin and bitcoincash are from the same people, they are just trying to break it down when the figure of one has gone up

@dollarvigilante I hope bitcoin continue to rise in price.

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It is easy to see the Sheer Power of Crypto Currency 👍⭐💰

For anyone who's interested, here's a quick analysis of BTC vs BCH transaction capacity

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I agree with you in some topics, Thanks for sharing this video post.

hey some currencies are sinking

go go bch

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Bitcoin Cash's days are numbered now thanks to Bitcoin having Segwit implemented at last! :)

interesting topic !!
thanks @dollarvigilante


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I think Bitcoin Cash can reach again the 4000 mark. You have to invest 1250$ for one Bitcoin Cash and for a Bitcoin you have to invest 10.600$...If all coins would fall to zero is the loss which you would made by Bitcoin Cash 1250$ and by Bitcoin 10.600$. The profit which you can make with Bitcoin is bigger than with Bitcoin Cash but the risk is bigger. But this is just my opinion.


You don't have to buy an entire coin of any currency. All that matters is percentual growth. You only risk what you are willing to invest.

Good information..take care brother.

Will it be beneficial to legalise bitcoin?

nice :-)

Quite an interesting and informative video. Thanks.

Bitcoin and bitcoin cash good media

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Bitcoin Of course

well i dont think so w4e should go for btc .. its a bit compliacted

Good video

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Very good alternative. @dollarvigilante

Lightning network will change everything.


LN is a joke. See this video

Learning post. I learn many important thing. Thank for your post

Weldone sir @dollarvigilante... lovely video, brilliant interview... i did a birthday song for whale @teamsteem, you might want to check it it out, thanks again for sharing

posting very very extraordinary, help on youtube more quickly understood. thank you buddy has helped me a lot as one who again learn the problem bitcoin

great topic , thanks for sharing (Y)

This was super helpful for me. I'm really new to the whole world crypto currency. Loving learning about it all! Cheers for sharing :)

because... bcash I think Roger Ver believes in what he is doing even if you don't like him or his methods.

Sangat menggiurkan untuk disimak ulasan videonya.

Estoy de acuerdo que debemos ayudarnos los unos a los otros, interesante video debo educarme mas acerca de bitcoin vs bitcoin cash, muchas gracias.

wkwkwkwk land

ty for this Interesting video ^_^

Ofcourse bitcoin

Wonder how Bitcoin Cash is going to scale. Is it going to double its block size again and again. I know Bitcoin has its problems but at least they have the developers and community trying to fix them. BTC is missing a head figure or a true leader. I can't comment on Satoshi leaving the space as good or bad but BTC is still the coin that is used on everyone exchange as the go to currency for all other pairings.

we can't say what is best #bitcoin or bitcoin cash


I think we pretty much can. The creator or Bitcoin Cash was supporting the lightning network days before he decided it would suit his financial interests better to bash the crap out of it.

Allways i like that

Good post.

Humans are quick to evolve not that we are steering away from chemicals and night/day work for money. Bitcoin Cash should have been out as soon as Litecoin hit. Actually I am surprised that LTC wasn't going up like Bitcoin Cash did as a fast test net

Litecoin > Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin has Segwit now, and it's much quicker to transfer than BCH :)

how did u add a video

Very good exellent post

It's pretty much true across the board, bitcoin is not what it once was. It may be the flagship, but that doesn't make it the one everyone uses. For those who can afford it, great! But for me, I'm sticking to other coins that are easier to mine and easier to trade.

I want to be rich too!!!

Great topic. Thanks for sharing this post.
resteemed & upvoted.

great topic , thanks for sharing (Y)

Excelente vídeo. Gracias por compartir.