Anarchapulco 2018 - The Complete Rundown: Jeff Berwick on Declare Your Independence

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Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Ernie Hancock for Declare Your Independence. Topics include: the biggest Anarchapulco ever, now the conference will be live streamed (see link below) big name speakers coming, Ron Paul, Mark Passio, Ben Swann, G Edward Griffin, Jeffrey Tucker, some surprise guests as well, , a complete rundown of all that's happening and who is speaking, the importance of low transaction fees, Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, the myth of 'violent' Acapulco, CIA and Bitcoin, playing spot the fed at Anarchapulco, the Anarchapulco venue, Princess Hotel on the beach sold out for main conference days but there are other hotels nearby, other facilities in the area, politics and investment in Mexico,

Catch the Anarchapulco live stream here:

Join the Anarchapulco pool party:
Catch the Anarchapulco live stream here:

Original interview on Freedom Phoenix:

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Please tell me: What is Anarchapulco? This seems cool. Sounds like a Good place to GO. For those in the KNOW.


Did you mean Acapulco


No, I think I did mean Anarchapulco.


its a play on words. (Acapulco ++ anarchy) == Anarchapulco


It will double at least, or triple...


It's always about next year in the crypto space,
Next year i'll be a millionaire they say! HODL or Die...

Don't say the names of the people that are coming to speak.
The ''bad people" may try to prevent them to come.


Wow @modemser. What a smart advice. I have seen that happen to event live many times. After you have empty seats than planned for you can only, often times, trace it to one of the speakers whose relationship with the organizer was prioritized over people's actual desired speaker.

Hey, Jeff, I respect you! We love Freedom.
and I like the guy from the radio was having that funny voice, like an enthusiastic like kick in the balls voice :)) is really funny, was he trying to be funny or he is just a funny guy.

I wish I was there with my family. You're Hercules of the liberty movement. Often I write about banners and battle, and you're at the tip of the spear my friend! I should be there with you, shoulder to shoulder, but at least I am in the same fight elsewhere on the battlefield. May you and ours be victorious!

Looks great, thanks for sharing!

So many big names, wish I could attend

I was listening to this in the background, loved the logical points on crypto's. Wish I could have made it this year

it was incredible, talking and declaring an independence. I am an independent person like this


I love your views Jeff and I love that you deeply care about freedom. Don't ever top man! Love your posting

What do you guys think the attempted regulation by the gov on btc? I think it would further exploit the gov if they do.

Thanks for information . It was incredible ..

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I must be honest indeed, I envy the achievement of you my friend, how can you succeed in reaching such a way. but I am also proud of you my brother. because, with a great person like you, we are still a beginner, can absorb various knowledge from you.

Thanks for giving us some information about Jeff & so on.I always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
@Resteem & follow has been done.

Your post is very qualified, I was inspired after reading your writing, may I more regularly in writing for the future. Steady, keeps rich ...

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Anarchapulco aka freedom fest! Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little bit of Anarchapulco :p

Hey. You convince me :). Good job.

It was amazing, to hear so many people declare their freedom and independence. I am a person that I love to talk and see the free people

this video is very useful, i am interested to see

jeff give me a vote please!

Saludos, que buena información y contenido, sobre todo lo de los link incluidos.

videos and information are good and very useful.
I watched it run out.
I am very happy .
thanks a lot for the information @dolarvigilante

Don't say the names of the people that are coming to speak
Wish I could go. Next year 100% I’m there

very nice I liked it tenks

Iam like your post..
Have fun :)

very useful

Thank's for this post.

hats off

Wow Anarchapulco and new activity i like it, I would like to go and visit.

Jeff is an avid advocate of mental, spiritual, and financial independence.

Looking forward to the live stream. Appreciate Jeff's work.

Wish I could go. 100% I’m there.Jeff, I respect you! I'm with you brother

I'm with you my brother

One day hopefully soon I like to be apart of this

sounds like homer simpson

Can't wait to see you there!

great step really Like your thought about that fact. I must say freedom is everything I that concept. It shows how deeply you are and your soul is pure. Best of luck for your great work I salute you man really :)


thanks for this man

Wow nice !


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Thank You! ⚜

This is a gathering of the greatest minds in the Crypto space....I look forward to having Cliff High invited to discuss one of his web bot reports on Cryptocurrency outlook for 2018 and beyond...

You really are funny but not more than Kevin hart 😂

Wow surely a place to be

Well, steemit is mobing higher to the promised land

Been watching Jeff for a few years now. Glad to see his convention GROW like wild flowers! 2018 is already starting to look like a crucial year in the pivot from fiat to crypto and the DOW last week is just a hint of what's to come. Stay tuned!

I clicked on some links,but they did not work for me.

Hallo my frend, berry good your blog!

very good!

this is cool

woooah.. this event will become trend! Hoping for the best :)

excellent post. vote up.

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Best article

Nice!! maybe next year I'll be there!

thanks for sharing it


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Thanks for the info


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I'll be there this year! Hit me up for free SteemitBJJ patches :)

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This picture looks like map in Battlefield 3 or 4. Nice!