The State of Anarchy & How Cryptocurrencies Could Usher In A Free World Without A Shot Fired

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Jeff is interviewed by Carmen Carangi for State Of Anarchy. Topics include: the origins of Anarchapulco, huge growth in attendance, organic growth, Jeff starting with Bitcoin at $3, free market solutions in an Ancap society, there were only 15 Libertarians in the 1980's, come to Anarchapulco to learn about freedom, the non-aggression principal, left-right is a false narrative, the brainwashed cult of government, growing the freedom movement.

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Yes, cryptocurrencies are the symbol of revolution in a peaceful means. And To those of you worried about the prices of cryptocurrency, you shouldn't. Cryptocurrencies as I repeatedly said that it's undervalued and so far most investor are individuals and we are waiting for the regulation to finanlized, that way Institutionalized investor or the Big Whales will enter in the arena of cryptocurrencies and we gonna have a prices going to the moon! :)

For sure, I keep hearing from various sources that there are big whales wanting in, they know what's going down.

Cryptocurrencies are turning out to be the real game changer... Now bringing prosperity among human beings is not dependent on governments any longer.

Exactly! That was one of the major reasons that bitcoin was created in the first place: To give power back to the people and have more things become peer-to-peer.

Cryptocurrency may usher in a peaceful revolution but governments won't want one.

They'll have no option. Look at Venezuela and Russia for example. Those that don't adapt will be left behind.

Same thing goes for governments that try and stifle inovation, the innovators and entrepreneurs will just vote with their feet and move countries.


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the best plan I have heard to actually accomplish that is for everyone to buy all their Christmas gifts in crypto, a crypto Christmas, that would cause all governments to collapse.

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Thanks for sharing

Just a heads up, you spelled Berwick wrong in your tag. Awesome work as usual!

I have watched most of youtube videos dating back more than 4 years. I followed you to Steemit since 2016. Also, subscribed to your news letter. Good to see your business grow all these years.

I was not interested in cryptocurrencies until I understood the word "decentralised" ie away from central control and therefore manipulation. Aside from the investing and trading benefits, the biggest benefit of all is responsibility and having control of your own finances. Anarchy as self responsibilty and self governing - not lack of rules. Cryptocurrencies are a symbol of human higher consciousness.

maybe in the future cryptocurrencies will be the symbol of peace and prosperity ^^

What a nice info through this video. I appreciate you to share this video. Just resteemed it.


Little less music in the mix would have been better. Or no music at all during long interview even better... imho

Free as a bird 🤔

The invention of the internet was the day the elite lost the war, Bitcoin is accelerating that demise. Love your take on the matter, keep spreading the truth!

Great interview. Jeff is an amazing person. Thank you for all your work.

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