The Battle For Freedom Is Won - Jeff Berwick at The North American Bitcoin Conference

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As long as the Govt thinks there is money to be taxed (taken), they will never stop trying, even if they have to spend $10.00 for every $1.00 brought in.

Sold out!


someone knows if we can buy on site?


I hope they could sell a bit more!

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@dollarvigilante Jeff, it's sold out !!!! Oh my god, is there another way to buy?


Black market


You mean, the free market? lol


Nice people IMG_20180123_161820.jpg

Oh my God you were here in Miami . Had I known I would have gone! Love watching your videos ! Especially the Bitcoin Song get a laugh every time!

What does it mean about the bitcoin government's policies?

@dollarvigilante I know some people cannot come but bought some tickets, you should sell a bit more tickets Jeff! I don't care if I stand during the conference, I don't need to be sit :) Thanks.

I think the government policies are going to be a wait and see since this is so new to them. They're probably just beta testing how things are going to play out once people file their taxes this season and take it from there.


Yeah, I think you're on the right track.
What about this 'tax reform bill' the Trump administration that has passed?
I haven't read the bill, but I reckon there's some sneaky shizzle hidden within.


The tax reform bill is designed to help but the problem is that the economic problems have gotten to a point where I don't see that happening. Taxes are supposed to go towards keeping the government and its subsidiaries running. However, we owe more money than there actually is in existence so we couldn't possibly pay this back through tax revenue. The only way I see out of this is through default. This is either going to come in the form of inflating the currency or in the form of non payment. I don't see a third option.


Good point. I have not made money with bitcoin, but if I did, I would definitely keep good records and report to the IRS. I hope everyone does because we just don't know yet how the government views this.

Nice work we did it guys is the platform of Freedom!


SBD and Steem is gonna skyrocket, check my post on it 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼


Only for the whales and big fish, but for small fish be careful of false flag censorship.


Ur channel never seem to disappoint, keep up the good work bro

Is it really? Big Gov is always around the corner to regulate our butts off.


They'll keep trying until they can't keep up, then they'll be chasing crypto and trying to get on board once the ship already sailed... at least the governments that are not getting on board right now. crypto moves 100x or 1000x times faster than government policy, and it won't stick long term.


They were almost able to regulate the Internet. I get what you mean, bu never understand the will power of tyrants


can't imagine life without steemit now. I have found financial break through in here... I found my freedom at last!


And unlike most platform, there don't seem to be arbitrary rules to punish "controversial" speech

It sells out fast if you aren't quick! Try to grab a couple while they're in stock.. Then you can sell them to friends who didn't get them in time! ;)

Maybe they can tell my who I can talk about all the money I lost in BIIIIIIIIIITCONECT!!!!

Still waiting what to do . Why is this post in trending it has nothing in it IMG_9688.JPG


You must have missed the 13 minute video with the link at the top. It's literally one of the two things on the post.


Oh so ihave to click on the link so i give the creator a view also 😁

I needed to see this. I feel so motivated now. We will win this fight against statism, evil, and the United mafias and monopolists of the world. Keep up the good work Jeff! We need more courageous leaders in this world like you.

US IS SHUTTING DOWN, and the warn us about crypto! LOOOOOL!

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Just the kinda news i wanna hear

another great post thanks for everything

Wow, :)

Very Nice And Great Video Sir Really Appreciate able We Will Wish By Your Effort Steem Will Grow And Rise Thanks For Sharing @dollarvigilante

The crack about bitconnect was misguided.

Great post!

Informative post. Great space from Jeff Berwick. Thanks for sharing such a good post.

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bitcoin government's policies?What does it mean about the bitcoin government's policies?

I think @ToneVays got butt hurt by this. Now he's not coming to Anarchapulco. Does he still think Steemit is a ponzi?


He's a shill that works for Intercontinental Exchange, which is the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange. Don't trust what people like him say.

Good Morning from Paris Jeff. i have been subscribed to your utube for years... How about you vote for me this time.

Great speech

"free will" only that we want.

excellent publication.

That's good news . Good to know about it. Thanks for sharing .
But btc is going down i am a little bit afraid about it. By the way What's about bitcoin govt's policies ??
You did well post . Keep posting here . @dollarvigilante Looking forward to your next post .

Can i earn crypto on Utopian?


Il est un shill qui fonctionne pour Intercontinental Exchange, qui est la société mère de la Bourse de New York. Ne fais pas confiance à ce que les gens comme lui disent.

Nice speech

This was great to watch. Making money in crypto is a wonderful thing of course, and taking the power away from central banks while doing it...even better. Deeper point being, coin value is great, but disarming the war machine...priceless

Steemit will grow bigger and stronger


Dear @dollarvigilante , even I have put forth an arguement for that marrying or dating a single mother is violating the NAP, then I will say to you that all other that I see you do or hear you talk about I agree on!!!

I am not sure the battle have been won yet, @adamkokesh just went to jail for instance... but we are for sure heading in the right direction!!!...

Steem on!

Great news, "The Battle for freedom have been won" good content.

the govtement has been taking '' a wait or a watch policy when it comes to cryptocurrency but it will prove to be disastrous since as we speak

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I agree

I like your good intentions in crypto to get rid of the banks. Now to take down governments is part of the agenda of the rottenchilds. People must support their government in those points they agree and those not are ignored. Crypto is still free but it was originated to controll the masses and when the tool is established they will take the control they dont use/execute at the moment

I appreciate that you are one of the genuine contributors and your followers. And i need your support by re-steeming something that's the need of the hour.

Such a great news.go's very happily information..really great.thank you for sharing with us keep it up


As a Canadian, and you know what that is like to endure the harsh cold climates, I struggle with exchanges. If you would point me in a better direction, as Quadriga, and couple other exchanges have recently took away, PAYPAL, and now have no interact e transfer services, so only way to transfer money to fiat CAD is to do a direct bank transfer, and you have to give all the information, where you live, where the bank is located and it's address etc. I was so hoping that Canada would not be like the rest and monitor or try to manipulate the system. Now it looks like they have taken over and are making it so hard to get your money. I looked up a list of retail and restaurants that accept BTC in Ottawa, as I live close to there and there were several, however when I actually went to the establishment or retail location and inquired they all said sorry we no longer accept them. So Canada need's try to move forward to accepting crypto's, and give better alternatives to cashing out. Right now you have to wait up to 9 days to get CAD from your Crypto. SADLY! I love watching your stuff @dollarvigilante

Nice work
But i do not understand, What does it mean about the bitcoin government's policies?


I think it's governance not government......A general decentralized consensus is what governs the changes if any to the network.

I like your post, i won't follow your post, good job brother

Oh, Oh... That is not so good...

what kind of benefit from this conference?

Your post is good


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Thank you Jeff! I am forever reminding myself tgat I didn't get into crypto for fiat gains...but to end fiat!

Barack Obama is too simple to understand cryptocurrencies.
Cryptos are so much more than 'Swiss Bank Accounts'.
Cryptocurrencies actually reward adopters with capital gains rather than stealing from them via illegally manipulated interest rates and inflation.

"is it happening?" [insert Ron Paul gif]

I am happy to know that people like you still exists on this planet.

I Like this!

Good conference, what did people learn from the North American Cryptocurrency Conference 2018 in Miami? Share, thanks!

Great post carry on bro @dollarvigilante

finally something great but with sold out tickets lol

@dollarvigillante, Its huge so overwhemly sold out, i'm truly amazed on the turn, coin currency is rapidly taking over.

Big Sold Out !

Great message, Its good to see so many people standing up for our liberty and freedom.


I like this post.

Wow its amazing..

great video..keep up the good work bro....

Oh i am worrid about this news now see whats do with btc

Amazing :)

Terra incognita is not in crypto

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ok :)

I will see you there Jeff and all!!!

Good to have to see this

The Government is so shady, and so willing to extort us with everything we make! When you're scraping by week-to-week, month-to-month, what do they expect us to do!?

excellent job congratulations @dollarvigilante

Good video

Hey, have you heard anything about Tokia? There are a lot of people saying it's a scam
And as allways I love your channel brother!

And the winner is..... coment below :D

Jeff hasn't shown himself since this vid online. All videos don't have them in. Jeff are u ok? On ur fb post you said something about getting grounded. If you are ok post yourslef holding a piece of paper with newest bitcoin block or something like that!

epic speech from a handsome guy. @dollarvigilante you are a master in your game, a true bitcoin evolutionary speaker. thanks for sharing this which is not a revolution but an evolution!

Sounds like some really good new then.

Jeff is never shy about criticizing the global elites and has earned a great reputation from doing it. He is definitely one of a kind.

Amazing share! Thank you.

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The times are very interesting in deed! Nice work Jeff!


What is the end of the sale?

According to the Bible
In the hand of the poor shall the rich receive more ! Hummm steemits the lord will uphold you. Continue your good work.


Nice post :)
I am proud of you, keep on working.
It is not my intention to beg, but if you please please upvote my post as well. There is nothing wrong if we support each other. I know if you are a kind and helpful person :) @dollarvigilante