"You're Wrong, I'm Right"

in #jeezlast year

“Uncle Leo!” the voice called out.

Was sleeping and was in no mood to tend to anybody.

Plus the bitch had become pretty irritating as of late.

But a child was crying.

I heard.


His name.

Still didn’t give a shit was the fuss was about.

Was sleeping and in no mood to tend to anybody.

Last thing I did hear was something along the lines of “I told Prisca not to give that drug to Solomon, look what she caused!”

Woke up later in the evening.

Heard Prisca complaining to another neighbor along the lines of “I heard Solomon nearly died this morning! Can you believe I left money for Favour to go to the market and cook and she didn’t?!”

But this was a classic reminder to take the sides of the stories one hears with a pinch of salt 100% of the time.

Reminds me of the Justin Sun versus the Holy People’s Republic of Steemit earlier this year.

Every objective eye could see that technically speaking, Sun did nothing legally wrong when he used steemit’s stake to vote for his bots.

Just morally wrong.

But no it had to be demonized.

Which is funny bc morality is the first thing they tell you to forget about when dealing with blockchains.


Sun HAD TO be painted worse that the Chinese CCP.

At some point, youd think he was the Antichrist


It fits perfectly into the interest of the Holy People’s Republic of Steemit.

Everybody is a Hero in their own Story.