Where is the Source?

in #jeez11 months ago

When you know the basics, you can connect many dots.

If you don’t know the basics, you will find many dots interesting. But you will be unable to connect them.

It is like the bible. Translated into millions of languages.

Yet people have issues with the interpretations at times.

Sometimes what the writers believe they are interpreting may be different from what the readers believe they are understanding.

That crap is totally avoidable once you get hold of the original texts and study it yourself.

This is why I avoid “prescriptive” knowledge whenever I can.

Like that shit Naval and his band of spiritual gurus do on Twitter.

It’s nice alright but if you don’t get hold of classical stoic and religious Indian materials, you will be unable to connect with whatever they are saying at a deeper level.

Which is like the whole point of knowledge: a maze filled with interesting junctions that continually turn you onto the next rabbit hole so that you can go as far as you wish without waiting for someone to take the hero’s journey and summarize it in tweets.