The Female Vagina is not that Powerful

in #jeezlast year


“Mine are you there”

This bitch now calls my nigga “mine”

Jesus fucking Christ.

Means this is now a marriage.

Whether he likes it or not.

Problem is not that he is being called such affectionate name reserved for the married.

He smiles and giggles like the joke is funny whenever he’s called.

A prostitute who stays in your compound decides to retire and focus on winning your affection and tricking you into marrying her and you giggle like it’s funny?

All bc of an orifice?

For long, I thought this theory of “the only man that can be fooled is a cuck virgin boy that has never penetrated a woman and realized the power of his masculinity in real time” but this dude has been with other girls.

Either this is Itigidi Jazz or the universe is forgetting to update some basic laws.\

I don’t believe the vagina is that powerful.

Even if you lay with a thousand broads. It’s the same sensation. The same feeling.

Maybe slight difference in rides.

But common.

Many guys get off with a flesh light or even their hands and a Vaseline.

That is one thing the success of sex dolls exposed as per the difference between men and women.

A man just needs you to sit down, be quiet, look pretty and open your pussy.

For a few seconds.

Anything more than five minutes is solely for the benefit of the girl.

If we take into consideration the effort girls put into riding, no man will get off.

God knew that these bitches be lazy so he just found another way.

But common that is not enough for a guy that knows or at least have previously fucked other bitches to put his brain on airplane mode.

A young soldier just gone like that.

This is not what Jesus Christ died on the cross for, bro.