Taylor Swift Will Ruin Your Life

in #jeezlast year (edited)

Music is an anchor.

First time yours truly thought about this shit is when a friend mentioned solfeggio frequencies to me.

Don’t even know if that’s the correct spelling.

But I do remember being wowed by the concept of it.

A simple one:

Every sound you hear or listen to has an energy/frequency BEHIND it and if you religiously hear or listen to it, that energy will become your reality.

Sounds voodoo-ish, yet true AF.

Binaural Beats on Google playstore is an interesting place to start from.

Just an app that contain various frequencies meant to make you feel a particular emotion or put you in a particular mood.

And what is certain is that it will DO IT.

What solidifies this shit is when you hear an old track that you used to listen to as a kid.

And not only will you remember this track cleary, you will also remember exactly how life was like then: the sight, sound, smell, taste and feeling.

Like a down memory lane kinda stuff.

This is why for years people yapped about how they used music to read without understanding the only reason that shit works is that playing a particular song while studying a particular material will set that song up as an anchor to help you remember what you were reading when you were playing that particular song.

True story.

This is also why a vast majority of people get fucked by the type of music they listen to.

You cant listen to Enya and feel motivated. No. You will be depressed.

You cant listen to Taylor Swift and not be nothing more than an emotional lapdog that girls think is cute but will never fuck.

You cant listen to Future and not think you are the best thing to happen to any girl of your dreams.

The correct and the only frame that will put a bitch in her place.

If your life feel like shit, you might just be a playlist away.

You don’t understand how terrible low energy vibes/tracks/music is until you SEE it for what it is then try and listen to it after changing your music taste to high energy.

This is the reason I physically feel like vomiting whenever I am at a local bar and Westlife comes up.

This is the reason my steemit bio once read "pls don't follow me. You'll be disappointed."

What on earth made me write such crap?

And it didn't happen or get written by chance.

It came from a process.

A thought process.

A proceess heavily influenced by the stories I told myself.

And this is why I fucking hate self deprecating humor.

The only funny thing about that kind of shit is how people DON’T SEE the damage it does to them.

Fuck that.