Here's To Hoping No One Remembers - 7

in #jeezlast year (edited)


When you understand, you don’t feel bitter, angry or jealous.

You just understand.

People don’t want to give up on the myth of “unconditional love” bc they want to feel special so bad.

The concept of “unconditional love” does not even make sense.

It is not practical. It is not something that is needed in our daily lives.

The only people designed to love you unconditionally are your parents and siblings. And even that comes with a condition: that they are your parents or siblings.

That’s the thing: we are not even designed to love unconditionally.

Doesn’t mean we cant.

Thing is nature always prevail when chips are down and shit hits the fan.

When shit hits the fan, instinct will override intellect

When shit hits the fan, conditional love will override unconditional love.

Everybody knows this.

They just keep denying it.