Here's To Hoping No One Remembers - 5b

in #jeezlast year

First shop we went to, the lady said she didnt have any garri to sell despite it being in front of us

When I asked her about it

She said that one had already been bought.

Who buys a paint of garri and leaves it at a shop instead of carrying it home?

The second shop blatantly told us she cant sell a cup.

Except we pay double the price.

Super weird.

We left.

The last shop after seeing I was the one paying, reluctantly sold to us.

Then asked me wtf I was doing with such a hood rat buying him dinner.

Turns out the kid might be small but his crimes were pretty big.

Pick pocketing, stealing, lying, cheating. The usual hood rat professional overview.

To cap it all, he was seen as a wizard. The type that can actually take your money and use it to ruin your life.

Cant say I never felt that way about him.

Even when I barely know him.

Just that what he carries and radiates to the external world is that of a spiritually dark entity.

Looking for where to steal, kill or destroy.

Were I to be a Sunday regular, some pastor would have I stilled the fear of helping such type of creatures.

But I dont go to church.


Nollywood movies and my mothers voice.

2 sources of influence

Growing up as a kid

Made sure

I chose to remain superstitious

Even when I'm not religious.

Cant make this shit up.