Here's To Hoping No One Remembers - 4

in #jeezlast year

Wait, you greet me normally on the street when there's no one watching

And shout on top of your lungs professing how much you love me when people are around?

Just to up your value and use me to catch cruise?

Everybody look, im friends with this my bestie, how cool am I?

While secretly wishing the dude you truly wanna fuck sees it as a threat then acts fast in professing his love to you?


These bitches never cease to amaze me.

You are not even that smart

And to think you can outsmart a genuis like me makes you even dumber.

Do you really know how low your stock is?

You think boys dont talk about their smashcapedes?

You are a street whore.

No cap.

You facade fools only you and the make up you use in covering it.

You're not social. You are cheap.

You are not a free spirit. You're a street bitch.

Keep using me to catch cruise for as long as you like. I no send you.

Your matter don already cast.

Not gonna tell you either.

Will just be smiling and enjoying this social experiment, whore.