Here's To Hoping No One Remembers - 3

in #jeezlast year (edited)

The Game is the Game.

WTF are people BITCHING about Erica's GoFundMe?

The only problem we have in this country is people refused to go after life from the first principles.

Primal Instincts.

The way it was set up to be.

Sex sells. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant.

People instead choose to live in the fantasy they were indoctrinated into.

A fantasy that tells them that vices do not pay. When vices are the surest way to make Fuck You money in any corner of the globe.

Wake the fuck up.

The game is the game.

This is why you have dorks playing nice and expecting a girl to get wet.

Why you have an upstanding dude in government office that thinks his honesty will be rewarded. And gets mad at this fellow who cut corners to get rich.

The game is the game.


i dont really have an idea on what you're talking about, but sounds like you could use a chill pill lol

Will try 👨‍💻