Here's To Hoping No One Remembers - 2

in #jeezlast year

You closing your door to stop me from seeing the bitch in your house?

Already saw her slippers at the entrance to your house, idiot.

Christianity is a funny sport

Especially to those who choose to play when they aren't even fit for the bench not to talk of the field of play

Most hilarious things I've witnessed is watching them struggle to live up to the standard I set even though I'm not a Christian

They cant comprehend how possible it is to be celibate for months

They cant comprehend silence. The ability to sit and be by yourself

They cant comprehend why they feel guilty when I catch them in a dark corner with a bitch in the evening after they caught me in my own corner tryna invite me to church in the morning

And they never will

Not when they chose to live a life for the label without understanding the underlying tenets

You have no choice but to keep hiding those bitches you bring to your house to fornicate with right after church service, idiot.