First, Your Mind, then Reality

in #jeez11 months ago

She called out yesterday afternoon, shortly after we finished the only wrap of weed in the room.

We shared cause the world was broke in that moment.

All there shirtless. Talking about stupid shit. Obviously.

She called the person she thought “had mind”.


Though to be honest Ferdinand was just a visitor and she had no way of knowing who he actually was.

Three of us went.

It was a snake.

According to her.

Now we had to kill. Especially Jumbo. Since he was the one she called. The one she probably thought had the ruggedity to end the animal’s life bc well he makes a lot of noise about how rugged he can be.

The most important thing about killing a snake is DECIDING you are going to kill that snake.

in that moment you turn from a prey some slimmy little snake might hurt into a predator about to end the life of a slimmy little snake.

Your thinking is not that of running or dodging.

It is mostly tilted into how much damage you can do as opposed to the reverse.

The body language too is different.

Which reveals how that person is actually thinking.

Although that is how I read Ferdinand’s.

Unlike Jumbo who stood at one spot and never took a step forward towards the kitchen, Ferdinand walked right into it like he was about to kill some cockroach.

He kept searching for the snake till he found it then beckoned on us to help him with stones.

When he was done the snake was still wriggling though its body was now stuck and couldn’t move.

Till the head was cut.

Then we left.

I Cant say who still has more ruggedity. But Ferdinand was the only one who DECIDED in his MIND that he was going to kill that little snake.