English Names are for Weak Ancestors

in #jeezlast year

Theory: the amount of effort weesh parents put into naming their children englih names is directly proportional to the number of witches they think are attacking them and their family.

Reminds me of my very good friend: Isaac Gabriel Alfred.

First name = his surname = his grand father’s name.

Last name = his father’s name.

Middle name = his name.

The normal naming system of the Akwa-Ibom state of Nigeria.

Almost fucked up my head when I started schooling here.

Got used to it with time.

Still, think of that name.

Isaac. Gabriel. Alfred.

Meaning for generations, his ancestors have specifically made sure no native name was bestowed on any of their children.

The actual definition of bitch energy.

Is that not the height of emasculation/domination?

Not only are you colonized.

You are also psyched into HATING the things that make up your unique identity.

The original “Colonization.”

The Neo-colonization we currently have in the modern world operate in the same way btw.

African leaders continually setting themselves up with stupid business deals thinking China has any intention for the dark continent other than making it its bitch.

Fortunately for us, most of the men of this generation have started backtracking from selling every aspect of their souls.

My uncles for example: make it a must that their words don’t even bare no English names.

Never understood why unitl I left home for school.

The first thing anyone should understand about Nigeria is that it is ONE country on the map but we are NOT ONE.

Something as simple as a 2km hike and you run into people that have totally different background and identity from yours.

Realizing that you are a Nigerian but not of the same Nigeria is the first lesson.

That is when you realize bearing an Igbo surname will be the difference between spending 2 minutes at an Access bank counter versus 2 weeks.

How the fuck is someone supposed to know who you really are when your name is Isaac Gabriel Alfred?

What are you?

An English prince?