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Where are all the Jeep lovers on steemit? This is a call out to get all of us who love Jeeps talking on steemit. Make a comment with the Jeep you own or have owned and a little description of what you have done to it. You can link pics of your builds or trail trips as well to add to the fun. Want to get a steady thing going with all the Jeep lovers on here.

I drive a red '97 Wrangler with 4 inch short arm super lift, 35x12.5x15 bfgoodrichs, sye, custom welded rear bumper with tire swing, rampage frameless soft top. A lot more than I listed but you get the idea.

Only rules are to be polite to all the others and have fun. Jeep=Life

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Greetings from Switzerland! The first to answer your call out! 😊

Rubicon 01

Rubicon 02

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 2011, ARB Front Bumper, WARN Winch CE-9.5cti, XD Series XD 759 Hoss 17 x 9 Rims, RockCrawler Side Guards by Body Armor, OME 2" Lift, X-Quattro Tail Bumper, ARB Diff-Covers, ARB Safari Snorkel and some Stickers…

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