Quick simple guide on making Redux-Observable works with TypeScript

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This is a guide I written on stack overflow, which I plan to rewrite it into a simple post.

You can checkout React Redux Typescript Guide for the details in here for all the standard way of doing when using React, Redux and Redux-Observable.



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This guide I would like to talk a bit about using Redux-Observable alongside with TypeScript and make the types work out of the box.

I will be using typesafe-actions library to achieve the types. (GitHub for typesafe-actions)


Instead of declaring interface (types) expressively, (something like below)

export interface LoginSuccessAction extends Action {
  type: LoginActionTypes.LOGIN_SUCCESS_ACTION;
  payload: {
    loginToken: string;

export function loginSuccess(loginToken: string): LoginSuccessAction {
  return {
    type: LoginActionTypes.LOGIN_SUCCESS_ACTION,
    payload: { loginToken },

use typesafe-actions library without declaring any interface.


import {action} from "typesafe-actions"

export function loginSuccess(loginToken: string) {
  return action(LoginActionTypes.LOGIN_SUCCESS_ACTION, { loginToken });

Then, all the login actions are being exported out in the model file.


import * LoginActions from "./LoginActions";
import { ActionCreator } from "typesafe-actions";

export type LoginActionCreator = ActionCreator<typeof LoginActions>

Then export out all the actions as AllActions.


import { LoginActionCreator } from "./login/LoginActionModel";

export default type AllActions = LoginActionCreator


In the epics, import following library.

import { Epic } from "redux-observable";
import { isOfType } from "typesafe-actions";
import { filter } from "rxjs/operators";

Then simply use Epic to declare your types.

export const loginUserEpic: Epic<AllActions> = (action$) =>
    switchMap((action: LoginAction) =>
        method: 'POST',
        headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' },
        body: { email: action.payload.username, password: action.payload.password },
        map((response: AjaxResponse) => loginSuccess(response.response.token)),
        catchError((error: Error) => of(loginFailed(error))),

Where the Epics is from redux-observable library, AllActions are the actions that is input and output of the epics.

The types is as follows:

Epic<InputActions, OutputActions, Store>

In case you want to use store from redux, you need a RootState (from root reducer)

export const someEpic: Epic<AllActions, AllActions, RootState> = (action$, store$) 
=> action$.pipe(
  mergeMap(action => {
    const a = store$.value.a;
    return someActions(a, action.payload.b);

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