Introducing Petar JS - Learn to build products with JavaScript

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Building products w/ JavaScript WorkShops

Hey guys, my name is Petar, nice to meet you!

I'm a software engineer currently working as a technical coordinator in an amazing company in Belgrade - Quantox Technology.

Most programmers face this challenge

During my career (but also in my spare time, as I'm always involved with some kind of side project) I noticed that a lot of programmers struggle to either land a job (from my perspective as an interviewer), or do it well enough to excel, but not because of lack of technical knowledge, nor because they lack soft skills, and certainly not for the lack of trying.

The number one reason I see people struggle with their job in software development, being stuck in the same role, not advancing their career is that they don't know how the whole software product development process goes from start to finish. This is so important. When you know - and have first hand experience with the phases that an idea goes through before becoming a full fledged software product, you are immensely more valuable than a developer who can only see his side of things and takes no further concerns for the product lifecycle. With that kind of knowledge you can really get going forward in your career.

How to become amazing at programming

I want to share with you what I learned in my years of developing software, and I think this is the right platform for that. By building real products, and experiencing the development process from start to finish, you'll learn things that no one coding course can teach you.

Here is what I'd like to do:

  • Use JavaScript to build projects (JS Frameworks, Node, React Native / NativeScript, Electron)
  • Record a course for each product we build
  • For each thing that we build, I'll describe the whole process from the idea formation, analysis, planning, designing, implementing, deploying and maintaining the product
  • Everything we build will be Open Source, hosted on GitHub
  • Everything we build will bring some value to its users
  • Everything we build will be published online as a free software for people to use
  • The courses will be interactive - I'll build a part of the app, and then let you guys submit pull requests for other features. This is important because this way you also build your portfolio, and you can use the reference in your CV. Of course, it's not mandatory, you can just watch the videos.
  • When you work on the feature and submit a pull request, I'll review it and give you feedback on how you're doing and how you can improve
  • We'll use DTube videos and Steemit posts to communicate, but the main hub for collaboration will of course be GitHub :)
  • The courses will require you to commit to several hours a week, especially if you want to contribute and work on features
  • The courses will not be suitable for total beginners

Next steps

If you are interested in this concept, or have any questions, let's start the discussion.

This is still in a planning phase, but I'm hoping we can start this real soon, maybe in few weeks even (mid-September). The first course will probably be about building a Quiz app for multiple clients, but we can discuss that.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!



Welcome Petar. Your posts are very informative.


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