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Professional JavaScript Book - Contact me if you'd like a free copy

In my last post I talked about how my first co-authored book, Professional JavaScript, was released this month. I'm happy to announce that I've started work on a second book as co-author and video instructor.

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The JavaScript Workshop

The new book and video series will be called The JavaScript Workshop. It's a length text with seven co-authors and at least 17 chapters. My role has been picking up on two amazing chapters written by two other writers. One on using TensorFlow.js in the browser, and another on functional JavaScript.

Each of the chapters contains a hand on assignment which results in a working stand-alone project. For the chapter on functional programming readers learn to put together a blackjack game which makes use of functional style programming for generating, sorting, and dealing cards. You can find the source code for the game on Github.

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In the chapter on TensorFlow.js we use existing models to identify items held up to a webcam, and even do some transfer learning to train our model to identify specific objects of our choice.

As part of making the video course I'll be going through each chapter and recording a walk through for people to follow along with.

Professional JavaScript

The book which came out this month seems to be doing relatively well so far. We've made "#1 new release" in the sub-category of "internet browsers" on Amazon. Our overall rank in that category has jumped up to #11 as of today. If you're interested leave a comment or contact me by other means and I'll be sure to get you a free copy of the PDF version.

Professional JavaScript

That's all I have to say for now, below I'm posting associated links, and the description, Thanks!


  • Apply the core concepts of functional programming
  • Build a Node.js project that uses the Express.js library to host an API
  • Create unit tests for a Node.js project to validate it
  • Use the Cheerio library with Node.js to create a basic web scraper
  • Develop a React interface to build processing flows
  • Use callbacks as a basic way to bring control back

In depth knowledge of JavaScript makes it easier to learn a variety of other frameworks, including React, Angular, and related tools and libraries. This book is designed to help you cover the core JavaScript concepts you need to build modern applications.

You'll start by learning how to represent an HTML document in the Document Object Model (DOM). Then, you'll combine your knowledge of the DOM and Node.js to create a web scraper for practical situations. As you read through further lessons, you'll create a Node.js-based RESTful API using the Express library for Node.js. You'll also understand how modular designs can be used for better reusability and collaboration with multiple developers on a single project. Later lessons will guide you through building unit tests, which ensure that the core functionality of your program is not affected over time. The book will also demonstrate how constructors, async/await, and events can load your applications quickly and efficiently. Finally, you'll gain useful insights into functional programming concepts such as immutability, pure functions, and higher-order functions.

By the end of this book, you'll have the skills you need to tackle any real-world JavaScript development problem using a modern JavaScript approach, both for the client and server sides.

Write and deploy full-stack applications efficiently with JavaScript
Delve into JavaScript’s multiple programming paradigms
Get up to speed with core concepts such as modularity and functional programming to write efficient code

Page Count 664
Course Length 19 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781838820213
Date Of Publication 30 Sep 2019

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