Change is the only constant

in javascript •  6 months ago

Does air flow at constant speed? Does weather remain the same? Does a person behave same all the time?

No. In simple words, nothing is constant.

Everyone knows about changes in life, nature. Today, let's talk about changes in technology.

1) Industries less interested towards an upgrade

We have seen that companies are very slow in adopting new technologies. Companies think of this as extra cost/effort to the product. They never though that without upgrading their tech, they are moving behind there competitors in the market. Their performance is degrading over the time.

Thing are changing by staying constant

- Performance degrading

- Cost is increasing for the same efficiency

- Your competitors are moving ahead of you

- You are moving towards an obsolete state

- Security threats are increasing over the time

2) Adopting the latest tech

To stay on top amongst the competitors, always adopt the latest technology available to attain the best performance with less production cost. And stay tuned to upgrade to new technology.

Benefits of using the latest tech

- Best performance

- Secured

- Less production cost

- Optimized utilization of resources

- Easy debugging

- Competitive environment

3) Problems in adopting new tech

- Choosing the tech that can give to best efficiency and features.

- Gathering a team that can deliver a quality product on time.

- The cost involved in the upgrade is high. 



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